Savoring The Simple Joys

I’ve always been a big believer in the phrase, “It’s the little things in life…”  There are so many tidbits that can bring a smile to my face and I strive to relish the common pleasures that are all around.  I have been known to break out in a huge grin—or just a happy dance—at the sight of a friendly animal, package on my doorstep, or laughing baby.  Here are some of the little things that make me happy.

A Candy Bar


Every woman has their go-to, favorite candy bar and mine is a Milky Way Midnight.  My, oh my is it scrumptious!  The caramel and vanilla nougat encased in dark chocolate is so much better than the original bar.  I don’t know anyone who could be unhappy after indulging in their preferred confection.  It’s the perfect way to treat yourself after a day when everything seems like it’s gone wrong or you’re beginning a new journey.

Fresh Laundry


I will admit, doing laundry is not on the top of my list of favorite pasttimes—it’s not even in the top 100—but I love when it’s done.  There is nothing like the feeling of a warm towel right out of the dryer wrapped around you.  You breathe in the clean scent and melt into the softness and warmth.  Or the first night you slide into a bed after all the linens have been washed.  Hello, relaxation!

Coming Home

Jake greets me like this every time I walk in the door.

That moment when you walk through the door and breathe a sigh of relief that you have made it back to your comfortable abode.  The accomplishment felt after finishing a long day of work, running errands, surviving a bad date.  It feels so good to walk through the door and declare, “I’m home” even if you’re the only one to hear it.  Though coming home to a furry face makes it so much better.  Who wouldn’t want to come home to a being that cannot contain its excitement at the idea of having its friend back?


Why yes, this is my shameless attempt to show off my culinary skills.

Besides enjoying the deliciousness of a warm cookie or brownie fresh out of the oven (or before the batter’s even made it to the pan), I love the sweet smell that emanates through my apartment for hours, sometimes days, after the goodies have long been devoured.  Being a single gal who lives alone, I rarely have treats in my home and will usually bring them to my co-workers and friends.  Potlucks, parties, you name it.  If there’s an opportunity to break out my mixing bowls and measuring cups, I am game.

As much as I love the act of baking, I think my favorite part of the whole process is sharing something yummy with someone else.  That cake pop was specially made for a co-worker’s retirement party.  The apple pie for a farewell party for a buddy who was relocating for his dream job.  The cookies were filled with bacon and made for my mentor’s birthday (bacon is his all-time favorite food).  The mini peanut butter cheesecakes (courtesy of Paula Deen’s recipe) have been requested time and time again.  It’s so rewarding to make other people happy by simply doing something I enjoy.


I could not have asked for a more perfect end to the day.

There has always been something magical to me about the time of day or night when the sky changes and there are so many colors all around.  There is a calm as the day turns into night or vice versa.  It’s like when the seasons change; it seems like a gradual shift, but then a sudden one as well.  As if out of nowhere, the day is over and the wind-down begins or dawn approaches and the dark sky is banished until dusk.  The joining of opposites and the brilliance of oranges, pinks, and purples is one of nature’s more beautiful gifts and I can never help stopping to admire it.

The world is full of grand objects and experiences that can make an average person feel small and insignificant.  It’s important to appreciate the simple treasures that don’t cost millions, but mean the world.  Take the time to gaze at the stars, smell the flowers, drink the cappuccino, and savor all that life has to offer.

It’s amazing how much joy the little things can bring.

13 thoughts on “Savoring The Simple Joys

  1. Odhiambo says:

    I can accompany you for a sunrise\set view, wait for your delicious cookies and help a little in baking them but in laundry, i like doing my laundry only when it comes to ironing the clothes that i wish ‘another me’ existed to do that 🙂

  2. alicewithmalice says:

    I instantly clicked over from Truth and Cake, on noting the word “Wonderland” in the name of your blog. After a bit of random archive diving, I have become a Follower. Your incisiveness/straightforward style, and delightfully opinionated writing greatly appeals to me. Intrigued, I intend to go back and read every post chronologically, now. Glad to find you! Cheers! 🙂

    • Jessica says:

      After having a bit of a crappy day, my spirits have just been lifted. Thank you so much for your kind words, Alice!!! I am thrilled that you enjoy the blog and I love the name of yours as well. =) Don’t you just love “Truth and Cake?” Thanks again for turning my frown upside down and I hope I can live up to the high praise. 😉

      • alicewithmalice says:

        You are more than welcome, but the thanks are returned to you tenfold for starting your blog – I’m now in January 2012 in your archives, and your posts are breaths of fresh air! We appear to share many similar personality traits already, and what/how you write strikes chords with me in each reading. Trust, you’re already living up to the praise!

        I do love Truth and Cake – Rian has a similar style and “voice” that draws one in. In honesty, her writing prowess intimidates me a little, while challenging me to better writing in my own little blog. We’ll see!

        I’m warmed you love the name of my blog, thank you. While AiW is not the most original “theme” out there, it’s one close to my heart -which makes it authentic to me, at least. Hope you’ll visit! Keep your chin up, and thank you for the gracious response. 🙂

  3. Cécile says:

    Even in the darkest times, a simple little joy will always be accessible… If only we focus on the present moment long enough to let them bring a smile to our face 🙂

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