Chase Your White Rabbit

With so many forks in the road and decisions to make, how does one ever know if they are taking the right path?  Making the right choice?

Unfortunately, life is not as simple as the Choose Your Own Adventure book series popular in the 80’s and 90’s.  If you reached the end of the story, you could always go back and make a different decision to see where that would lead you.  As a kid, I read one of the stories—I’m pretty sure it was #52 Ghost Hunter—and I got to the point where the character fell to his death.  I remember being frustrated and confused.  How could I have chosen the course that had resulted in such horror?  Weren’t all stories supposed to have a happy ending?  Since I didn’t like that particular conclusion, I decided to retrace my steps and change the story.  Ironically, I didn’t like that ending either and the first one became the one that stuck with me for decades.

Like Alice stumbling through Wonderland, some times it’s difficult to determine which way one should go.  Signs everywhere lead to different places, people, and experiences.  With so many options, how do you pick and how do you know that you’ve made the right choice?

As long as you make a decision, you have chosen correctly.

That’s all it takes.  A bad choice is far greater than no choice at all.  Action will always win over inaction.  Unless you come across a bear in the woods, then by all means, play dead!

There are those who dream and there are those who act.  Those who dream and act, achievers.  They are the folks who are curious about a white rabbit with a waist coat and follow him to see where he goes.  They don’t let life pass them by because they are too scared or nervous to be the master of their own destiny.  Even when Alice became so frustrated with Wonderland that she wanted to return home, she did not stop in her pursuit to find out where that rabbit was going.

We all have a white rabbit in our lives.  Sure, he may not frantically check his watch or run around in a panic, but he is there.  He is the quintessential carrot in front of the horse’s mouth.  He is the dream.  He is the one who drives you to go further.  He is the push you need to keep going.

Chase him.

Don’t let him get away.

He’s got a mind of his own and can sprint like Usain Bolt if you’re not careful, but you have to try to keep the pace.  You may not always be able to keep him in sight, but remember that he will lead you in the right direction.  He is your guiding light, he is your North Star, he is you dream.  You have to follow him.

There may be interesting characters along the way that slow you down and confuse you.  There may be things that distract you and pull you down another path.  It’s ok, your white rabbit knows you’ll find him.

Don’t mind him, he’s got all the time in the world.

There will come a time when you think that you’ll never find him, never figure out why he is in such a hurry, but don’t give up.  If Alice had never followed the White Rabbit, she would not have had the adventures she did.  She would be bored, talking to a cat that couldn’t talk back, and wondering about the world around her.  Sure, she may have had a hard time in Wonderland and made many regrettable choices, but she kept going forward.

In real life, though lessons can be learned, the past cannot be rewritten with different outcomes.  It’s a lot more complicated than that.  It is not a Choose Your Own Adventure book that you can reread to create a different ending.

Life is not about sitting around waiting for things to happen, it’s about getting off your butt and making them happen.  You won’t find your white rabbit behind you.  He’s out in front on an undecided course.

Keep chasing him.

3 thoughts on “Chase Your White Rabbit

  1. whitt88 says:

    Hi Jessica; reading you makes me dizzy. How are you able to write so well? You make us fall into your words, until we’re lost, totally at your command. I’m really pleased Cécile sent me to visit; you certainly deserve the ‘Lovely Blog’ award. Love just drips off every word you write.

  2. Shinzom says:

    This morning you worked hard, travelled far in your car for a job that doesn’t take off. When you’re done you go to a bar looking for a lay off. Drink alone in your bedroom thinking of better things. Sing songs in your head dreaming of finer bling. Live life through your window wishing for real wings. You switch your brain off in the television dreaming of fantasia, wishing you were in Narnia or planning euthanasia. The litch is here he’s coming to save ya.

    You don’t go to Narnia you gotta plan to make it. It won’t come for you, you gotta go take it. Now you’re a zombie man, the real deal, you’re here in wonderland. The life out your window is over, you’re through the looking glass now, part of the horde, singing praises to the lord, fighting the system that’s been keeping you bored.

    The elite are in your head, now they’re knee deep in the dead. The walking dead? It’s propaganda. A fake story to take away your glory. You are the revolution, they know it so they poison the solution. You’re a zombie man. They tell you it’s a virus, I tell you they lie to us. They’ve taken our brains to spite us. They live in luxury to blight us.

    Fear the walking dead? No. We live in their head, they’re scared we’ll break through their windows and rattle their bed. Their golden tower is fallin now, their power going down. The mindless are waking, now their system is there for the taking. The dead are waking, marching through the streets and congregating.

    They tell you to fear.

    You are the fear.

    Fear the hoard they’re coming for ya. Hit the gas, in case of zombie break glass. Get out of town, we’ll run you down. I got a magic hammer, I’m a lot like Thor.

    Follow me. Chase the white rabbit and fear no more

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