“Did I Really Earn This Or Did I Just Wear You All Down?”

When Sandra Bullock won her Academy Award for The Blind Side, she gave a speech that was thoughtful, moving, and humble.  She radiated grace and everyone was thrilled that America’s sweetheart had finally won the accolades she deserved.  I am not quite as graceful when it comes to recognition.  My inner self breaks out into a happy dance and shouts, “I won!  I won!  I won!”  So when I received my second award in three weeks, I just about embarrassed myself at work when I squealed with delight.  Thankfully, no one was around to witness it.

The Oscar of the blogging world?

The ever hilarious Gemma at Remain Insane  nominated me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.  A big thank you to my animal-loving, Hogwarts-rejected friend from the Land Down Under!!!  I am psyched and honored to belong to the international sisterhood of some kick ass bloggers!

*happy dance*

As per the norm of accepting a blogging award, I’ve got to recognize the person who nominated me (thanks, Gemma!), share some factoids about yourself, and nominate some other blogs for the honor.

Four New Things You Never Wanted to Know But I Have Again Agreed to Tell You

  1. I regularly fall asleep on the couch (with all the lights on) when I am usually too lazy tired to get up and go to bed.  However, whenever I do this, I tend to wake up early without the use of my alarm clock and feel more refreshed than when I sleep in my bed.
  2. I can’t stand going to celebratory showers, bridal, baby, or otherwise.  The games, the mingling, the obligatory oohing and ahhing… spare me.  But I LOVE buying gifts and tend to go overboard when it comes to the shopping.  I love seeing the looks on people’s faces when they get something they really wanted or didn’t even know they would want.
  3. In one eventful trip to Europe, I had a giggle fit at 4am for no reason in Barcelona, climbed out of a man-hole in Monte Carlo on my way to the casino, and was robbed in Rome by a cabby who picked me up at the Vatican.
  4. I believe that everyone has psychic tendencies to a certain extent.  And not in the fortune-telling, tarot-card-reading way.  Whether it be having dreams that come true, knowing things that you wouldn’t normally know, or being hyper aware of situations, people have certain abilities that come out when they least expect them to.

Enough about me, let’s hear it for some wonderful blogs out there.  And the awards go to…

  • Gen Y Girl – offering insightful musings, I am proud to share my generation with Kayla
  • Go Jules Go – it doesn’t get any funnier than Jules and her chipmunks!
  • Mother Sugar – thoughtful stories by some great gals
  • Not So Skinny Genes – Laura has some awesome ideas and shares other’s ideas as well
  • Remain Insane – writing entertaining rants is Gemma’s specialty
  • Simply Stephanie – with a variety of posts, Stephanie makes well-roundedness look incredibly easy
  • Truth and Cake – Rian delivers the sweet with the honest in a most refreshing way

Ladies, welcome to the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers and a big thanks to the amazing Gemma for the invitation to the club!

8 thoughts on ““Did I Really Earn This Or Did I Just Wear You All Down?”

  1. Zen says:

    Congratulations! I can relate to you on #2. I can’t stand these things either, but gift shopping is always nice! For every occasion, not just for showers like this. =]

  2. Go Jules Go says:

    Jessica! Thank you so much!! And congrats to you, my friend! I love your facts. I always fall asleep on the couch, and definitely believe in psychic tendencies, but the part that solidifies our sisterhood? Your feelings on baby/bridal showers!! Do NOT get me started (I wrote a whole post about it a long time ago, LOL, explaining that it’s the number one reason I own a flask).

    You rock!!

    • Jessica says:

      You are so welcome and thanks! A flask to showers? You. Are. Genius. I’ve recently promised a friend that if I ever choose to celebrate life events, they will be planned by me and not involve lame games and forced mingling, but will be a dignified event with friends. No flask required. 😉

    • Jessica says:

      You’re welcome, Rian! I may need to make a post out of those travel adventures. Or maybe go back overseas so I could have new adventures to share. Decisions, decisions…

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