Who Moved My Blog?

When it comes to change, most people are reluctant.  There is a certain fear associated with exchanging the known path for the unknown.  Questions run through the mind: Where will it lead?  What might happen if everything you know is suddenly thrown into a spiral where up is down and black is white?

Folks react differently to change.  They get angry and sulk.  Denial sets in.  Some fall into a depression, sad that their known world is no longer known.  Some jump for joy, thrilled that the monotony is over.

Business leaders see this all the time.  They have to prepare their workforce to make sure any transition is seamless and understood by their employees.  My organization is currently undergoing a consolidation with a sister organization.  This week, we got our first look at our department’s new structure.  Some people were upset, having to work for a new manager and in a new position.  Very few were happy with the proposed change.  Others, like me, focused on the fact that having a job in the new organization was more important than where that job fit within the new structure.

Maybe I’m callous when it comes to workplace change or maybe I’m more comfortable with the challenges of working with different people in a different environment.  I am not as bothered as many of my co-workers are with this new stage in the organization’s life.  But I get it.  These people have been doing one job for decades and want to ride out their last few years before retirement with no pressure to perform any other tasks than the ones they can do with their eyes closed.  There is a certain comfort in the stability of knowing what to expect in day-to-day life.

But some things are easy to change.  Who hasn’t wanted to change their hairstyle, their outfit, or even their blog?

And that gets me to my big announcement.  After much thought and deliberation, I have decided to make a few changes around here.

Yes, I have finally decided to make Defining Wonderland a dot-com.  I did not come to this decision lightly and have been agonizing over it since I started this blog back in December.  Even tonight, as I pushed “Confirm,” I was hesitant.  Could I really go forward with this move?  Was I set on Defining Wonderland as my blog’s title for the foreseeable future?  And then it dawned on me: what was I afraid of?

It’s a blog for crying out loud!  Am I so resistant to changing something that is so personal to myself that I spend months debating the pros and cons?  It was beginning to get ridiculous.

In addition to the change of address, there are some visual changes.  Nothing too dramatic, but I would like you all to meet someone who will have a presence here.

This is Ajax, the new spokesbird of Defining Wonderland.  I’ve been wanting to incorporate a peacock into the blog for some time now and since Ajax here has been with me since last Christmas (a gift from the world’s greatest mentor, The Fonz), I knew just how to make that happen.

There are many reasons why I felt the need to peacock up the blog.  I love that peacocks are so unassuming with their beauty.  They walk around like ordinary birds without a care in the world and then, WOW!  The most amazing display of feathers a person has ever seen.  No other bird comes close to the image of a peacock showing its true colors.

So there you have it.  A brand-new look and address for a blog that to me, feels like a cozy sweater on a cold winter’s night.

I want to thank all of the Wonderlings—new followers and those who’ve been here since the beginning—for making this the easiest New Year’s resolution to keep.  It has been a pleasure to “meet” and get to know all of you and I sincerely hope that you’re enjoying yourself as much as I am.

Now, where did my cheese go?

6 thoughts on “Who Moved My Blog?

  1. Simply Stephanie says:

    Ok, so I pinky promise I did not read this before pushing the “confirm” button over at SimplyStephanieBlog.com today…that being said….weird. We are like blog soul mates, lol. Congrats to you on becoming a dot-com! I too sat for months debating if I should push the button or not, unfortunately. When I saw how easy it was today- I was embarrassed! Case in point though- we are so fearful of change that we push it off when the change itself is so simple, and what waits on the other side so gratifying. Best wishes to you in the future with your adventure! Maybe we can guest post for each other some time along the way. 🙂

    • Jessica says:

      Blog soul mates! I love it! Seriously though, what were we waiting for? I thought 27 was going to be a year less fearful, yet here we were, afraid to take a risk as simple as a change of address. Good luck to you as well and I would love to guest post with my blog soul mate! 😉

  2. Human In Recovery says:

    I found your blog while researching the origins of a new blog award I just received today. Believe me yours was not the first I scanned. I’m sure all the others were wonderful as well, but something about Defining Wonderland made me pause and read through. Now, I’m a follower. Looking forward to reading more.


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