What I Learned From A Two-Year Old At SeaWorld

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Last week, seven adults took one two-year old to SeaWorld San Diego.

Even if the trainers don’t get into the water anymore, it’s still amazing to see a whale jump out of the water!

My nephew had never been to the place of Shamu and dolphin shows and he enjoyed every minute of it.  As his auntie, I learned a lot about what it takes to keep a munchkin happy and entertained during an all-day theme park adventure.

1) Furry characters must be greeted.

The otter’s whiskers tickled my little nephew’s face… and he loved it!

2) Moving on to the next exhibit cannot happen until goodbyes are said.

Saying goodbye to the otters.

3) It is more fun to play with Daddy’s phone than to watch the Shamu show.

You’d never know that no one was on the other line with the amount of chatter coming out of this little guy.

4) When it comes to lunch, cupcakes are better than chicken nuggets.

Auntie had to hide the cupcake so the little man would eat some real lunch. Out of sight, out of mind.

5) Sometimes, you just need to stand back and watch the world go by.

Starting to get tired at this point.

6) A little water never hurt anyone.

A true water baby, he splashed in the water so long he needed a change of clothes.

7) There’s always time to play I-Spy.

Great Auntie pointing out the different sea life.

8) The fun is not forgotten after you move on to another activity.

This was the hardest thing to pull him away from. We all heard “Drive the boat” for the next half hour.

9) It’s ok to play and not purchase.

Nothing like a pint-sized penguin to play with.

10) When the day is over, it’s over.

Cuddling with mama is the best way to end the day.

Now that I’ve done my fair share of auntie-bragging, it’s your turn!  I hereby announce the Blog-Warming Giveaway, Take 2.

This giveaway is now closed.  Thanks to all for playing!

I still have one more prize pack that needs a good home.  To win, like this post and leave a comment about something you’ve learned from a child or children.  They can be funny, serious, strange, or downright “kids say the darndest things!”

Fine Print: The contest is open until Thursday at 3pm (PST).  All entries received after the 3pm deadline will not be considered.  Winners will be announced on Friday.  If you are uncomfortable with leaving a comment, you may email me your story or send me a Facebook message.

Good luck to everyone!

11 thoughts on “What I Learned From A Two-Year Old At SeaWorld

  1. A Surprise Called Life says:

    Firstly, I just wanted to say, I love point #5 it’s so simple, but so true and love the photo of the killer whale and the turtle : )
    My nephew teaches me to never underestimate how observant small children are. When I was pregnant with my twin boys he was was helping my mum and dad water some plants (he was 2 at the time). He looked at the plants, then looked at my blooming belly and said ‘They are growing Aunty Neena, just like the two babies in your tummy’
    I love the things he comes out with : )
    Also, when my twin boys were born 10 weeks early, they and all the other babies in the NICU taught me just how strong and determined they can be, I was so proud of how far they came : )

    Neena B. xx

  2. Simply Stephanie says:

    So first of all, how adorable is your nephew? Children are the best. I have learned I think sometimes more from them than I have from adults. They have taught me to appreciate the most simplest of things, that it doesn’t take a lot to have fun, and that joy can be found in just about anything. When I go to Disney, sometimes I just sit and watch the children. Seeing them discover everything for the first time is truly magical and makes me appreciate the smallest moments in life. Love this topic! I could go on forever….

    • Jessica says:

      Thanks, Steph! I think he’s pretty cute too, but I may be a little biased. 😉

      Disney is a fantastic place to just sit and watch kids. Like the moment when they first see their favorite character, you never know if they’re going to be completely excited or absolutetly petrified.

      In this trip to California, my nephew did make a stop at Disneyland (that I unfortunately had to miss due to work) where he took one of the most adorable photos with Winnie the Pooh completely enveloping him in a giant bear hug. The kid was not scared at all! Unfortunately, he spent most of the day sick, but Disneyland was kind enough to let him and his parents back in the next day so he could experience the Happiest Place on Earth when he was feeling a little better. For that kind act, I will forever be a fan of Disney and the magic they create.

  3. rommel says:

    Awesome! I actually been to SeaWorld in Florida. I think after a year and a half here in California, it’s about time that I visit the one here.
    Very well photograph #7

    • Jessica says:

      From a photographer, I will take that as a high compliment. Thanks, Rommel! I’ve never been to the one in Florida, but the San Diego Sea World is great. And that new Manta ride… awesome!

  4. Cécile says:

    Your nephew is adorable and has a lot to teach 🙂
    There is a lot to learn in children’s company. What kids can do best in my opinion is taking people the way they are, without judgement or trying to change them.

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