September Blues

I hope those of you who had a long holiday weekend enjoyed wonderful days filled with laughter and great people.  I know I did.

You can’t beat finding the perfect piece of art for an empty room or laughing with family while soaking up the sun at the beach or getting some much-needed deep-cleaning done throughout your home.  A truly happy weekend prepared me for the start of September, the busiest time of year in my office.  Though I’m not looking forward to the weekends spent at work or parties I will miss because I have to wake up early for status meetings the next day, I feel ready for this month.

That is, ready for it to be over.

I used to love the ninth month of the year.  It symbolized new beginnings, the arrival of cooler temperatures, and the return of favorite TV shows.  Now, September means heightened stress levels, tension among co-workers, a blackout on vacation time, and an increase in the consumption of crappy foods over the next thirty days.  Add all that to my organization going through a poorly planned merger and the departure of many co-workers and you can understand why I can’t wait to see the harvest festivities of October.

If I loved my job, I am quite sure that I would look forward to this time of year.  The hustle and bustle, the number crunching, the ending of one fiscal year and the beginning of another.  But I do not love my job.

To me, it’s the place where I go to earn a paycheck.  Nothing more, nothing less.  I do not rise in the morning, eager to get to the office to go over spreadsheets and pivot tables.  I hit the snooze button as many times as I can, not because I’m tired, but because I just don’t want to get up and deal with the mind-numbing boredom that I frequently suffer because my work is just not as stimulating as I need it to be.  I feel like another cog in the wheel that knows what I need to know to get the job done, but I want to be a spark plug.

I know I should be grateful and I do love the fact that I have a job, but not the dealing with persistent data requests, people constantly asking me the whereabouts of supervisors, and meetings that seem to go on long past their expiration date and lack any kind of purpose.  Ever the overachiever, I find it hard to strive for greatness when mediocrity is all that is asked for.

And that’s where this blog comes in.

There’s something about keeping to a blogging schedule that challenges me to come up with post ideas every single week.  If I’m lucky, twice a week.  I, once again, would like to thank you all for reading, for commenting, for inspiring me to keep going.  I’ve got a tough month ahead of me, but I hope know that this blog—and all of you—will keep the insanity at bay.  And if not, I’ll blog about it.

Which brings me to happy news: I have giveaway winners to announce.

I was very excited about this particular giveaway.  It was fun to hear the different choices people had for Pop-Tart flavors and classic novel.  And it was so much fun to shop for all the goodies (I think I may have gone a little overboard).  Sadly, this will be the last giveaway for a while.  I have a potential international trip in the works—more on that as it develops—and I need to start pinching some pennies.  But I promise that this will not be the last giveaway of its kind.  I love how much I’ve gotten to know people through these little prize parties and I cannot wait to think of some more fun ways to make these interesting.  In the mean time, here are the winners.

Lots of tickets!

Two were chosen…

Congratulations, ladies!

I am pleased to announce that Cécile from Trying to Be Conscious and Rian from Truth and Cake are the lucky winners of the Back-to-School Wonderland Giveaway!  If you gals could please send me your addresses, I will get your packages out soon.  Thanks to everyone who participated in the giveaway!

Hope this beats your September blues.

14 thoughts on “September Blues

    • Jessica says:

      Thanks, Bonnie! I’m hoping this will be a smooth year end and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the extra overtime will help make my trip possible. By the way, I’m still on the hunt for internet cheese… haven’t been able to find it anywhere.

      • Bonnie at {PaperKeeper} says:

        I will hoping with you, I totally get it – my April and May are your September…I’ll cheer you on! Yay for overtime, that’s not a reality in my work so just keep counting your pennies. Can’t wait to hear where you might go! I just had ‘internet cheese’ last night, was part of what I fixed for dinner for our friends. Keep looking!! 🙂

  1. Rustic Recluse says:

    Sigh, Jessica! I love what you said – I find it hard to strive for greatness when mediocrity is all that is asked for. So now I’m stranded – looking for the balance between finding what I’ll like to do or accepting that I’ll have to do what I can because I need and should secure the paycheck. All the best at work, and at blogging!

    • Jessica says:

      Thanks for the support, Rustic Recluse! That’s the feeling right there: stranded. I am so disappointed that my secure paycheck is keeping me from doing something truly great that I actually enjoy. My co-workers frequently comment on how quickly I can take on new tasks and how well I do them. In my head I’m always thinking, “Imagine what I could do if I actually loved this job.” Being an adult ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

      • Rustic Recluse says:

        Absolutely! Each time someone tells me I’m doing swell at my job I kinda wonder if I could do more had I been 1. given the right space to excel and 2. if I felt more than I do for it. So here I am, lost and uncertain – been thinking of how to get closer to what I’ll truly enjoy. We’ll pull through the week just fine I’m sure! Hang in there!

  2. Simply Stephanie says:

    What!? What do you mean I don’t win every.single.giveaway! Absurd. That being said, while reading this I wonder if I accidentally wrote and published a blog post…as it is my sentiments exactly. Goodness we are so alike…it is crazy!! If you ever want to email vent- I know how it is and feel free. I am right there with you sister! Blogging is my out and I’m working on the escape plan.

    • Jessica says:

      LOL! Sorry, Steph. But I hear you’ve got a nice new journal coming your way courtesy of Miss Laura. That’s something to smile about! I may take you up on your email vent offer. Good thing there are only 25 more days left in this month. It’ll be gone before we know it and then on to Halloween! 🙂

      • Simply Stephanie says:

        Lol, I know I was kidding. I have been crazy lucky at winning giveaways lately so I guess I can share…for now! Muhahhha. Seriously though, email me whenever you want to vent. If you have long distance and want to call I’m open. If you want to fly over to Orlando, I have a guest room. We can go grab ice cream and a pedi and then really bond. Should you pick the same ice cream and nail polish though, I may start thinking we were seperated at birth….

  3. Truth and Cake says:

    Man, I haven’t won anything in ages! School supplies and classic novels, those are two of my most favorite things. Thanks, Jessica! Too funny that Cécile and I both won. Maybe we can trade books when we’re finished? 😉 I’m bummed to hear that September is going to be a stressful time for you at work. It can be so disheartening to work at a job that spins on mediocrity. I really hope that blogging can provide you with the necessary creative outlet as you batten down the hatches. I know I’ll be looking forward to your posts! Can I vote yes and yes for the international trip? If I may be so bold, I’d like to suggest that it will be worth every one of your pennies. Especially if you’re in need of some inspiration. I hope it works out! Thanks again for the goodies! I’ll message you my address.

    • Jessica says:

      You are incredibly welcome, Rian! I thought it was awesome that you both were chosen considering you both got to meet recently. Blogging just brings people together I tell ya! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this trip becomes a reality and I’m pretty sure that between hoping for the trip and blogging will keep me out of the looney bin. Though if I got fitted for a straight jacket that would get me out of work. Hmmm…

  4. Cécile says:

    YAY! Jessica, you’re my blogging fairy: after giving me 2 awards, I win a give-away for the first time on your blog!
    That makes me really happy because like Rian, books and school supplies are two of my favorite things.

    Blogging really does bring people together and I hope you find comfort in the fact that some strangers are reading your thoughts and care about what you have to say. I hope the travels will bring a renewed energy to you and I’m looking forward to reading all about how your situation got better. It will!

    • Jessica says:

      Blogging fairy! I love it! This blog and all of the folks I’ve met along the way mean more to me than I ever thought possible. I’m just glad September is so busy that it goes by incredibly fast. Hopefully, in a few months I’ll be in Europe enjoying a holiday before the holidays and meeting cool folks (you!) along the way. 🙂

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