Call Me Grateful

Sometimes, I find myself dwelling on the negatives in my life and all the things I wish were different.  It can be easy to get wrapped up in imagining your life forever changed if just this or that were different.  I’m sure I would be happier if I earned more money.  I think I would find my soul mate if I lost a few pounds.  My life would begin if I got the chance to start over someplace new.  These are the kinds of thoughts that eat away at the very core of your happiness.

A little perspective.

I’ve been noticing lately that my posts have been on the down side.  I did not create this blog to wax on about every little thing that bothers me or how mopey I feel, especially because I’m a pretty happy person 99% of the time.  Those aren’t the kind of words I like to read, so why on earth have I been writing them?

As I’ve mentioned before, September is an incredibly busy and stressful month at my office.  My co-workers and I are much more sensitive than usual due to the extra workload and can get fairly edgy this time of year.  However, we do try to keep it light and somewhat fun around the office.

We talk about the crazy things our pets do, the latest movies and books, and the excitement of new family members just waiting to be born.  With the added stress is an added bonding within the department.  Unknowingly, we have begun to lean on each other because no one wants to bring the tension home to our families and we all understand what we’re going through.  Somehow, we’ve managed to keep our spirits high.

And that’s what’s important.

No matter what life throws at us, we must count the blessings in our lives and be thankful for everything we do have because it really could be so much worse.

The older I get, the more grateful I become.  With age comes appreciation and with every year that passes, I feel a consuming sense of the warm and fuzzy feelings of delight, like the coziest of blankets wrapped around your shoulders on a cold winter’s night.  My heart has grown bigger as it’s matured and I have come to see the importance of showing gratitude.

When I was a child, I viewed writing thank you notes for birthday gifts as a chore.  I didn’t understand the value of expressing how much I enjoyed the new Barbie convertible or set of Baby-Sitter’s Club books I had received from a relative or friend.  Why wasn’t it just enough that I thanked the giver in person?

I get it now.

Writing a thank you note shows that you actually took time out of your life to put your thoughts into words and I am a firm believer that sending cards will put a smile on someone else’s face, and that’s not just because I may be a lot little addicted to stationary.   Who doesn’t love a happy piece of mail?

Unfortunately, since I do not have the addresses of all my Wonderlings, this will have to do.

I am overwhelmed with the support I have received through writing this blog and the friendships I have made.  I never believed I would get to know anyone in the blogosphere and that the only people reading my words would be family and friends.  I am delighted to say that I was wrong.  I was so, so wrong.  The last year has been full of inspiration, laughter, reflection, and absolute joy with an amazing new set of warm and interesting characters added to my story.  And I owe it all to you!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  You keep me going, you keep me on schedule, you keep me writing.  If there were awards for blog readers instead of writers, I would bestow upon each and every one of you the highest honors of appreciation.

There are just not enough words.

10 thoughts on “Call Me Grateful

  1. Joycelyn says:

    I totally loved this post of yours, lately, I have been on the ‘down side’ of things but deep inside I have so much to be thankful for. Need to see the light again… soon! ♥

  2. Cécile says:

    Thank YOU Jessica. I posted a little card for you yesterday 🙂 It took me a while to get around doing it but I enjoyed Pride and Prejudice so much I had to send a bit of love back. Anyway, glad to read you’re feeling more positive- lovely post. I also became more grateful with the years. I try to have a little moment of gratitude everyday and it is heartwarming as you say it so well (love that wrapped blanket metaphor).

    • Jessica says:

      You are such a doll, Cécile! I’m thrilled you liked the book. It’s so important to have those sweet little moments every day. A little bit of warm and fuzzy goes a long way to turn a not-so-great day into a fabulous one.

      P.S. I should know about the trip by next week and I’ll be sure to let you know if we are able to book it.

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