Summer Fades To Fall

Fall has finally come to Southern California and by fall I mean there was one day this week that was below 70°F for a significant portion of the day.  Yeah, we’re not much for actual seasons around here.  And darn it if I know what I’m missing.

The autumn colors of New England

I would love to have jumped into a giant pile of crispy red and orange leaves when I was a child or had the need to wear scarves for function not fashion.  However, I live in the land of the Indian summer where the heat lasts until the end of October.  Nevertheless, since Mother Nature is a tad confused about the nature of autumn in Southern California, I must find things to make it more fall-y around here.

For the Ambience:

A flickering glow of a fabulously scented candle can do wonders for a home or office.  During this time of year and well into the winter, I constantly burn candles to give my apartment a more home-y feeling.  My absolute favorite brand is Yankee Candle because the scents are strong enough to last yet somehow don’t overwhelm you.  Some of my favorite fall fragrances include spiced pumpkin, apple cider, and autumn leaves.  Since this particular brand can be pricey, I try to find tumblers and votives at stores like Home Goods (where they are always marked down—I found a great one there that smells like spiced maple) and Bed Bath and Beyond (those 20%-off coupons never really expire).

For the Viewing Pleasure:

Photo: Courtesy of ABC Television

There is something about fairy tales that has always reminded me of the fall—perhaps it’s because I frequently dressed up as a princess for Halloween.  Luckily, fairy tales are back and they’re better than ever.  Once Upon a Time’s season premiere is on Sunday and I cannot wait.  I love that the writers and producers of this awesome show have taken the stories we know and love and reimagined them so that they are fresh and exciting.

Jennifer Beals and Matthew Broderick as Cinderella and Prince Henry

For a more classic retelling, check out Shelley Duvall’s Faerie Tale Theatre out on DVD.  The series was made in the 80’s with cheesy special effects and celebrities in every tale.  Robin Williams plays the Frog Prince, Downton Abbey’s Elizabeth McGovern is Snow White, Pee-Wee Herman creator Paul Reubens is Pinocchio, and so many more.  When I got to rent a video as a kid, it was almost always a Faerie Tale Theatre story.  They are still completely charming to me after more than twenty years.

For the Taste Buds:

The inventor of the slow cooker should be worshipped.  First fed, then worshipped.  How easy to throw some meat and vegetables into a pot, press a couple of buttons, head off to work, and upon being greeted with the aroma of yumminess the minute you walk through the door, a cooked feast of deliciousness ready to enjoy.  Nothing screams fall more than slow-cooked dinners.  From pot roast to stew, casseroles to chili, slow cookers take the work out of cooking.  Plus, there are always leftovers.  It’s a win-win!

Slow Cooker Comfort Food Recipes

For the Spirit:

So much blue and gold!

I’m not sure if you all are aware, but it’s football season in the US!  Folks wait all year for their favorite teams and players to take to the field and score some touchdowns.  Whether it be the professional teams or the collegiate ones, people come out in full force with their color-coordinated apparel.  I am proud to announce that it was actually cold enough to pull out my University of California Berkeley hoodie the other day and I couldn’t have been prouder.  While my Golden Bears may not be one of the best teams out there, I fully support them and enthusiastically tell anyone who will listen that I went to Cal.  I will rock my hoodie and t-shirts all season long and maybe even add to the collection.  Go Bears!

Now, let’s go find some piles of leaves to jump into.

12 thoughts on “Summer Fades To Fall

  1. Truth and Cake says:

    Is Faerie Tale Theater out on DVD? I used to love renting those! They were (like so many other products of the 80’s) a bit strange, but so much fun. I feel you on the need to create your own seasons in SoCal. Christmas never feels quite like a traditional Christmas when I visit my dad. But we have our own little traditions there–a morning hike (which wouldn’t be possible in a snowy locale). I’m heading to L.A. today and I so wish that we could meet up, but it looks like it’s going to be a quick and busy one (I haven’t seen my family in a year, kind of ridiculous). I’ll send you a wave and maybe I’ll bring a bit of fall weather with me. Here’s hoping! xx

    • Jessica says:

      They are available on DVD, Rian. The link to the Amazon page is in the post. I have the original boxed set, but the new one looks fantastic and it includes some special features and the rare episode “Grimm Party” which I have never seen. Such a fun series!

      Bummer about not getting to meet up! Honestly, I’m completely swamped at work and will be working crazy overtime until next Saturday (my next foreseeable day off) so I wouldn’t have been able to meet up anyhow. 😦 For sure next time. Have a fantastic trip and feel free to bring some season-appropriate weather with you. xoxo

  2. Bonnie at {PaperKeeper} says:

    Where I am is in the high 90’s this week, which is completely messing up my sense of fall. So hard to thing of sweaters, and all things fall..i can’t figure out what to wear most days…I have finally bid adieu to summer, and made my peace with it’s leaving and yet the weather carries on!

    • Jessica says:

      I hear ya, Bonnie. I want to wear my sweaters, drink hot apple cider, and get a new pair of boots, but this darn California weather is just not conducive to all of that. Hope the temps cool down for the both of us so we can truly enjoy all of the wonders of autumn.

  3. ArbitraryAmbrosia says:

    Oh, Jessica! I felt so sad as I was reading your fall wishes, but it does sound like you are making the best of it! And, when January and February rolls around I will be incredibly jealous of your 70-80 degree weather! Fall has always been my favorite time of year, and I have been crock-potting up a storm 🙂 Thanks for another recipe! – Amber

    • Jessica says:

      Don’t fret, Amber! Last week was nice enough to wear some sweaters and boots, but darn it if the heat picked up again yesterday. Come on Mother Nature, I want to make some soup! At least, I have an incredible winter trip planned to a place where seasons reign supreme. 🙂

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