Celebrating A Totally Awesome Day

Have you ever had one of those perfect days?  You know, when the planets align and everything just seems to go in your favor?  The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and you could burst into song at any moment because you are just incredibly happy.

Today was one of those days and I just have to share it.

From the moment the Santa Ana Winds woke me up from my slumber on the couch (I sleep there from time to time) with their mighty blows noisily shaking everything in the apartment, it has just been a great day.  I must have done something really good to warrant a day like this and I have been thoroughly enjoying every minute.

Since today is my regular day off, I set out with a game plan that involved running all the errands I haven’t had a chance to get to during the week.  I had a hair appointment scheduled and I was determined to get some pants to the tailor that I haven’t been able to wear because they are about ten miles too long for my 5’4” frame.  On top of which, I needed to do some shopping which I was not at all excited about.  I’ll never understand women who shop for sport.  I like to get in and get out as quickly as possible.

The day started simply enough.  I took my slacks in and made my way to the shoe store to check out the latest boots.  Now, I have an incredibly difficult time finding tall boots that fit my calves (I’ve only ever owned one pair) so I didn’t have high hopes going into the store.  But I found some!  And they just happened to be the first pair I tried on.  If that didn’t make me giddy, when I got to the register, I found that they were 20% off and I received an additional $5 off by sending a text message.

I should have known the day was just going to get better.

On the way to the local mall, “Time Warp” from The Rocky Horror Picture Show was playing on the radio (I assume it was because Halloween is next week).  I couldn’t believe it; I’ve never heard it on the radio before.  I car danced all throughout the whole thing.

When I got to the mall, I had time to kill before my appointment and I had a challenge of my own: find something to wear to dinner tomorrow night at Moonshadows.  Several options and one trip to the dressing room and voilà, mission accomplished.

Forgive the bathroom shot. It’s the only place I can get a full-body picture.

Feeling incredibly lucky and pleased as punch, I headed to the salon.  It is always a delight to see my stylist; she reminds me of my stepmother Chrissy and I just love her to pieces.  A few hours passed quickly as we caught up and I indulged in the latest magazines.  For the first time in a long time, I was absolutely thrilled with the color and immediately felt like it was more “me” than the previous lighter shade I had been wearing.

I was happier than a kid at Disneyland and stopped at one final store to pick up something.  I was delighted to see that when I got to the register, there wasn’t a line.  There is always a line at this store.  Always.  But not today.  Not for me.

To keep up with the good spirits, I decided to treat myself to a yummy dinner—complete with wine and dessert—and popped in a cult classic.

I cannot understand why or how this day has been so wonderful, but I am so grateful.  I think it’s a sign that the rest of the weekend is going to be fabulous and I will be keeping my fingers crossed that all the Wonderlings are also blessed with times like this.

This day is too good not to share.

4 thoughts on “Celebrating A Totally Awesome Day

  1. Truth and Cake says:

    I Love the dress you chose–it looks great on you! And that haircolor is a really great shade, perfect for fall. I love when a day seems easy and breezy, all of the doors just opening before you. I hope the rest of your week continues to be effortless and fun–let’s do the time warp again 😉

    • Jessica says:

      Thanks, Rian! The day was just the start to a fabulous weekend of awesomeness. It’s amazing how one great day can set the tone for many days of greatness. After all, “it’s just a jump to the left…” 😉

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