Have You Voted Today?

Today is the day.  It’s Election Day here in the States and I’m hoping that everyone 18 and over will do their part and cast their ballot today.

I know there is usually a lot of confusion around this time of year.  My Facebook feed is full of “Vote Yes” on this and “Vote No” on that.  Everyone seems to have an opinion and I’m not entirely sure that this makes us better or worse as an “informed” society.

But have no fear Wonderlings, this post is not about politics, it is about action.

I personally don’t care who or what people vote for as long as they vote.  It’s easy to sit on your Facebook soap box and declare that you know better than everyone else, but here’s a secret, you don’t.  You don’t know how that proposition you are strongly opposed to will affect the single mother down the street.  You don’t know the effect your vote for a particular office will affect the kids at the school across town.  It’s a gamble, but we all need to make it.

All of the measures and propositions may get overwhelming, but I encourage you all to vote with your hearts.  If you believe in something, don’t let your friends or family members persuade you to vote for something else.  Go with your gut.  Go with your heart.  Go with what you feel is right.  That’s all anyone can ask for.

But if you’re still confused, ask yourself this:

I don’t need to tell you how the right to vote has been fought over for decades and how people did everything they could to make their voices heard.  You already know this.  But are you making the fight worth it?  Are you voting?

There is something that unites people when they enter a polling place.  You check in, grab your official ballot, and head to a private voting area with other members of the community.  Some bring their children to show how important it is to vote and others vote early through the absentee ballot.  Regardless of political parties we affiliate with and what measures were are for or against, we all walk out of the polling place on Election Day with an “I Voted” sticker.  It’s a communal effort.

I’ll keep this post short and sweet today because you all should be getting your “I Voted” stickers.  Give yourselves a pat on the back and a gold star in addition to your new patriotic flare.

I know I will.

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