Disney In Question

Every other Tuesday, I have the luxury of rolling out of bed and working from my “office” in the living room.  It’s a pretty sweet set-up that has me bare-faced and properly attired in lounge pants and a sweatshirt.  On these days, since I have no co-workers to chat with, I pop in movie after movie to add a little background noise to an otherwise quiet day.


For whatever reason, a lot of the time I resort to watching cartoons.  Being the Disney fanatic that I am, I have practically all of the “classic films” of my childhood.  And of course there are the Pixar tales as well.  It’s nice to have films that I have watched time and time again that I don’t have to pay attention to anymore.  I can work on spreadsheets and reports without being worried that I’m going to miss something.  There’s nothing to miss… I can recite almost all of these movies from start to finish without much effort.  And I still thoroughly enjoy each viewing.

After watching 101 Dalmatians and Lady and the Tramp today, I got to thinking about my favorite Disney animated films.  There are just so many things that I have wondered about since I was a little girl and even more that I’ve considered as an adult.

What is up with Cruella de Vil’s cheekbones?

I’m sure the angular features are meant to make her look more menacing (as if the two-toned hair and crazy eyes wasn’t enough), but it’s just bizarre.  They stick straight out of her face and do not require blush to draw attention to them.  Hell, it’s like she has elbows on her face.

How did Tinker Bell end up being a sweet character?

Tinker Bell was a jealous, manipulative mute in Peter Pan and is now the charming star of the Disney Fairies franchise.  She tried to convince the Lost Boys to kill Wendy and pouted through most of the film.  Sure, she saved Peter from the explosive present Captain Hook had left for him, but she never really redeemed herself enough to warrant the spotlight.

Is it possible to get through Mulan without crying?

I have never been so moved by an animated movie than the scene at the end of Mulan when all of China bows to the girl who has just saved the Emperor’s life and the country’s future.  No matter how many times I’ve seen it, it still gets me going.  I think I just love what that scene represents.  A girl, constantly being told she’s dishonored her family, receives an entire country’s love and appreciation.  It’s a beautiful scene.

Why could Cinderella only talk to the mice?

She was awakened and dressed by birds, but she had the closest relationships with the mice.  Even her loveable dog Bruno seemed to play second fiddle to the attired rodents.  I guess with their sewing skills, Cinderella had to be nice to them.  However, I would have liked to hear what Lucifer had to say.  Especially, when he acted like a pissy little jerk.

Why doesn’t Dumbo speak?

The only title character in the whole Disney catalog that never utters a single word.  Why?  As bossy as Timothy was or as scared as he was to jump out of a burning building, you would think the little pachyderm would speak up.  Even if he stayed quiet like Tinker Bell before she became a star, there is no denying that Dumbo is probably the cutest of all Disney characters.

Am I the only one who wonders about stuff like this?  Are there any movies that you all question?  It’s always interesting to reexamine a film you have watched your entire life.  You always seem to catch something that you never noticed before, understand a joke you didn’t quite get, and find something even more exciting than you once did.

It’s like watching for the first time.  Again.

8 thoughts on “Disney In Question

  1. L says:

    I remember going into the Disney Store in the mall many years ago and one of the sales associates commenting that she didn’t understand the “magic Disney top”… referring to the fact that all Disney princesses/characters seem to have dresses and tops (seashells?) that are impervious to gravity. I need to get me one of those.

    • Jessica says:

      Don’t even get me started on the princesses, Laura. In addition to their clothes, what about their perfect hair? How on Earth (or sea) was Ariel’s hair so thick and luscious under the water? I used to try to fan my hair our like hers and it never looked the same. Mine was flat and stuck to my face like a wet Cousin Itt.

  2. Simply Stephanie says:

    Ok, I just laughed so hard. This is great. Not only do I own the Disney collection as well (and think now we would make fantastic roommates), but I have often wondered the same things! The best part was Mulan, as I cry during that scene every.single.time! LOVE!

    • Jessica says:

      Well, I knew my BSM would love it! I had to refrain from posting about the Sleeping Beauty blue dress issue for fear that I would never get off my soapbox. If we were roommates, we would never stop watching Disney movies. I bet we’d even come up with Disney-appropriate nicknames! 😉

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