Just Because It’s Funny: Holiday Style

I’m baaaaaaaack!

Wonderlings, I’ve missed you and can’t wait to share with you stories from my latest European adventure.  Unfortunately, I’m feeling a little under the weather (I blame the last flight from Atlanta to Los Angeles for my current sinus issues) so this will be a visual post rather than a written one.  I hope you’ll forgive me and I hope you enjoy these latest funnies.

ATT1263242 ATT1263243 ATT1263245 ATT1263246 ATT1263247 ATT1263249 ATT1263251 ATT1263252 ATT1263253 ATT1263255 ATT1263258 ATT1263259 ATT1263260 ATT1263261

I wish I could properly credit the creators of these funny pieces, but I don’t know who they are.  Regardless, I would like to thank these clever minds for creating such humorous pieces.  After all, nothing gets you through the holidays like laughter.

Except maybe wine.

9 thoughts on “Just Because It’s Funny: Holiday Style

  1. Truth and Cake says:

    HA! I love them all! Welcome back–I hope the you had a fabulous time and that you feel better before the holidays. Go away, airplane bug! And thanks for the laugh, I really needed that 😉

    • Jessica says:

      Thanks, Rian! Yes, this airplane bug needs to go away pronto. I can’t stand feeling out of it during my favorite time of year. I hope you find many more things to laugh at during the holiday season.

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