Another Year Almost Gone

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve posted.  Granted, it feels like it’s been forever since I’ve done anything normal.  With my pre-holidays vacation, the actual holidays, and then being completely out of it with a nasty sinus infection, my days have been anything but ordinary.  Now that the fog has lifted and I am this.close to feeling like my ol’ cheery and healthy self again, I can’t believe the end of the month—and year—is only days away.

The Wonderland Registry 8

For the New Year:


This time of year is always about resolutions.  We think of challenges to start off the new year to get ourselves motivated.  We begin with a clean slate and vow to lose, quit, start, learn, or do.  Less swearing, more exercise.  Save money, volunteer at the animal shelter.  For the goal-orientated, like myself (after all, this blog was started as a New Year’s resolution), these promises set up the framework for us to either reward ourselves with mental gold stars or beat ourselves up when we stumble along the way.

Don’t give up, Wonderlings!

I can honestly say that I have stuck to and broken resolutions before.  Some were easy to break (exercise more), some easy to keep (blog once a week), and others a struggle to achieve (giving up soda for a year—a very difficult feat as a teenager, but one I did twice).  The ones that I maintained were not anything that would solve global problems or make the front page of a newspaper, but they meant something to me.  And that’s the whole point of a resolution: to do something that makes you feel good.  Don’t pick something that’s so difficult it will be impossible to achieve, but do find something that challenges you to be the best version of yourself.  It’s fun, it’s a conversation-starter, and hey, you just might learn a little bit more about yourself.

For the Wallet:

Gift Cards

With Christmas only a few days ago, most bank accounts are in a bit of a sad shape.  We have found that with last-minute gifts, new family members, parties, and trips to see family and friends, the holidays seem to get more expensive each year.  And it doesn’t matter if you get all of your shopping done in July or score fabulous deals on Black Friday, the holidays are a pricy time of year.  The great thing is, you are bound to have received some resources to help get that purse you’ve had your eye on or your daily tall double white chocolate raspberry mocha, no whip.  Chances are you are holding onto some gift cards from gift exchanges or stuffed into stockings next to a new toothbrush and socks.

I love receiving these, what some consider impersonal, gifts.  There is so much etiquette written about graciousness when getting a gift, but let’s be honest, some people are just not great at selecting the right present for someone else.  A gift card takes the pressure off of finding that perfect item and allows the recipient to do the work for you, while you still get the credit for the purchase.  I received quite a few gift cards to my favorite stores and I can’t wait to score some new merchandise without damaging my bank account.  For those of you resolving to spend less in the new year, using gift cards allow you to keep your resolution and fulfill your desire for new literary masterpieces or electronic gadgets.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

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