The Improvement Process

I now interrupt this travel series to bring you a monthly update.  With January almost over, some people may be slipping on their resolutions or goals for the year.  It’s all fun in the beginning, but when the novelty starts to wear off, it can become even more difficult to continue to improve ourselves.  Whether or not you made a resolution, I would love to hear how you work towards making the best you that there can be.  Here are some of the things that help me reach my goals.

The Wonderland Registry (Jan)

For the Mind, Body, and Soul:

When I was a little girl, John Tesh co-hosted Entertainment Tonight with Leeza Gibbons.  If memory serves me correctly, he left the show to pursue his musical ambitions, something he is still doing today.  However, along the way he began to host a radio show called Intelligence for Your Life.  The syndicated show imparts bits of wisdom in between Top 40 hits.

Intelligence for Your Life

I began listening to Intelligence for Your Life when I was in college.  There were so many interesting tips and I always learned something new.  Now, with the increasing use of social media, the show has a Facebook page and website that anyone can check out for online dating tips, how to nail an interview, and the best ways to save cash for long-term goals like homes or lavish vacations.  Needless to say, it’s a great show to listen to and I sometimes wish they would cut out the music portion of the broadcast.  Be sure to check the website for a radio station near you or you can always listen to the online stream.

For the Organizer:

I believe I have admitted my tardiness when it comes to following the trends that everyone else seems to catch on to.  I was one of the last people to give up their Blackberry in favor of an iPhone.  I still haven’t seen any of the original Star Wars films (though I have been to a Star Wars wedding—go figure).  I refuse to Tweet, but I have found my way to Instagram.  So when I was invited to Pinterest, I was hesitant.


How many social networks do I need to be on?  But then I started looking around and I found that Pinterest is perfect for someone like me who loves to collect ideas and inspiration for projects.  I have stacks of recipes in my kitchen of foods I’d like to make or tried and true treats my co-workers can’t get enough of.  Pinterest makes it easy to group ideas into different boards.  I have boards for recipes, travel spots, fun projects, and quotes I adore.  The great thing about Pinterest is that I’ve actually made some of the art projects and recipes I’ve found.  It is addicting and I find myself spending way more time looking for new ideas than I ever expected.

Pinterest Project

A few hours, a destroyed book, and a piece of Wonderland art for the wall.

For the Ears:

Recently, I have been taunted by a particular song.  I’ve heard it play back-to-back on the radio and shuffling around in iTunes.  The song is “Try” by P!nk.  It seems to know that I need a little encouragement these days.  That, or the universe is playing one sick joke on me.

What I love most about this song is that it truly does apply to anything a person would want it to.  While on the surface, it is a love song, the meaning behind lyrics such as “But just because it burns/Doesn’t mean you’re gonna die/You’ve gotta get up and try, and try, and try” is much deeper than just an ode to relationships.  It can relate to pushing through your workouts, to studying your butt off in school, to dealing with a screaming baby.  It is an all-encompassing song and with P!nk’s  kick ass attitude, it’s sure to be a great anthem for anyone needing that little extra push to try again.

It’s working for me.

4 thoughts on “The Improvement Process

  1. Audrey says:

    Love that you’ve been finding sources of inspiration all over! Pinterest is a great one and it sounds like you’re taking full advantage of all it has to offer. And music can be such a driving force.

    I’ve written out my bucket list for the year and keep it where I can see it every day and be reminded of the things I’d like to accomplish and do. I also ended up writing out a game plan for getting some of those things done. 🙂 And for the inspiration? I have a list of great quotes posted by my desk at work that keep me pumped.

    Go get ’em, lady!

    • Jessica says:

      Pinterest is so addicting! It’s rivaling Facebook these days. 😉

      Audrey, I think an annual bucket list is such a cool idea. It sounds so much better than a resolution and the fact that you display it where you are bound to think about it everyday is genius. I’m all about reminding yourself of what you want to accomplish. Quotes are a great way to help you do that too. The board with the most pins is my “Words to Live By” board. I can’t get enough of quotes that make me think, remind me of what I want, and make me laugh. Sounds like you’re on to a great 2013!

  2. filbio says:

    I have a Pinterest page but need to actually update and work on it. As for my resolutions I more or less make small goals which are easier to reach.

    As for John Tesh I have not heard much about him lately.

    • Jessica says:

      I’ve heard that about Pinterest… people sign up and forget to update it. Small, reachable goals are excellent ways to keep growing as an individual because there is never an end to the improvement process. Keep up the great work!

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