Just Because It’s Funny: Dog Shaming

The recent internet sensation of humorously shaming toddlers by posting a picture of the guilty child with a sign explaining what he or she did to warrant such embarrassment has spread to the animal kingdom.  Makes me want to do the very same thing to Jake when he scares the crap out of the neighbors, scrapes his butt on the carpet, clears a room with his farts, drools a small lake while waiting for ice cream, begs, or… you get the picture.  Enjoy!























It’s probably a good thing dogs can’t do this to their owners.

14 thoughts on “Just Because It’s Funny: Dog Shaming

    • Jessica says:

      Seriously, Tobi. I would worry about what Jake would do if he could shame me. I bet it would involve a cone of shame and a really bad haircut as a form of payback. 😉

  1. Audrey says:

    Confession? I love that website! I don’t love looking at it in public while I silently try to guffaw and end up snorting instead – that’s just embarrassing.
    My pup might just belong on dog-shaming too!

    • Jessica says:

      “I don’t love looking at it in public while I silently try to guffaw and end up snorting instead – that’s just embarrassing.” This describes me PERFECTLY whenever people send me those Autocorrect emails. The good thing is, as ridiculous as I may look, it’s a great ab workout. 😉

  2. marrymeknot says:

    I love these! “I pooped by the elliptical machine.” You know that dog was like, why the hell are you exorcizing without me! My boyfriend’s dog once pooped on his PlayStation after he spent the whole day playing it.

    • Jessica says:

      Oh my goodness! Was your boyfriend upset? I would have KILLED Jake if he had done something like that. His favorite I-know-I-shouldn’t-be-doing-this-and-I-will-stare-at-you-the-whole-time-waiting-for-you-to-yell-at-me routine is the butt scrape along the carpet. It’s so clear that he knows he shouldn’t be doing it, but he will do it anyway. At least the worst thing that leaves is a skid mark rather than an entire poop.

      • marrymeknot says:

        It’s worth it to him. It feels that good. We’ll never get it.
        Actually, he though it was pretty funny because he had ignored his dog, Buster all day and Buster wasn’t having it anymore.

  3. wordsurfer says:

    Oh my… Since my dog is an accomplished liar, I’d probably have the animal rights people calling on me. He’d tell them that he’s never allowed to curl up on my lap, that I won’t scratch his belly no matter how hard he begs and that he’s only fed twice a day and walked three times! Really selfish of me. Instead, I spend hours sitting at the computer that could be filled so much more productively with playing and cuddling him. And feeding him. And scratching his belly. Really not too much to ask, is it?
    I can almost feel him looking over my shoulder as I write this. I think he’s nodding in satisfaction.

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