Just Because It’s Funny: St. Patrick’s Day

March 17th has finally come.  A day of corned beef and cabbage, Lucky Charms, and all thing green.  ‘Tis also a day to drink your socks off with various libations while the sound of bag pipes play in the background.  You may not feel it now, but you’ll feel it tomorrow.  I’m staying sober this year (darn those adult responsibilities of working tomorrow) and decided to make my co-workers some yummy treats for tomorrow instead of enjoying an Irish Car Bomb.  Regardless of my celebratory staying home, I can still find the humor in this day.

St. Patty's Day 1

St. Patty's Day 3

St. Patty's Day 4

St. Patty's Day 5

St. Patty's Day 6

St. Patty's Day 7

St. Patty's Day 8

St. Patty's Day 9

St. Patty's Day 10

Happy St. Patrick’s Day all you lads and lasses!

2 thoughts on “Just Because It’s Funny: St. Patrick’s Day

    • Jessica says:

      Aren’t they hilarious?! I love these ecards. They crack me up like no other. It was definitely a great day and I hope yours was just as wonderful, Phil.

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