A Time To Celebrate

When life has swapped out your lemons and given you a free pass to all things fun and exciting, it’s hard to keep the happiness inside when all you want to do is scream from the rooftops, “Life is awesome!”  And the best part is, you can.  It seems that as we get older we often forget to celebrate ourselves.  It’s completely normal to attend a birthday or graduation party, but outside of bridal or baby showers, when did we lose the art of celebration?

I’m here to tell you all to go ahead and celebrate.  There is nothing wrong with cracking open a bottle of wine you’ve been saving for a special occasion or treating yourself to a hot stone massage when the boss tells you what a great job you’ve been doing or you reach a particular milestone in your blogging journey (Happy blogiversary shout outs to LauraRian, Tobi, and Jules!).  Here are some of my favorite ways to celebrate.

The Wonderland Registry (Mar)

For the Taste Buds:


Nothing says celebration quite like a glass of bubbly.  Unfortunately, I am just not a fan of champagne.  That is, I’m not a fan of regular champagne.  Five years ago, my sister toasted her nuptials with the best champagne I have ever tasted.  It’s called Almond Creek and is available at Trader Joe’s for, get this, the low, low cost of about $6.00.  I recently rediscovered almond champagne when I was looking for a celebratory drink for New Year’s Eve.  I forgot how much I like this particular brand of bubbly.  Other almond champagnes I’ve tried just don’t compare.  Almond Creek is not too bitter or too sweet and has an aftertaste reminiscent of French macarons.  Don’t be fooled by the reasonable price, it is quite good and even if you’re not a fan of champagne, give it a try the next time something great happens.  Or you just need some tasty adult beverages.  Champagne Thursdays, anyone?

For the Chance:

Make a Wish

Do you ever remember picking up a dandelion and blowing all the little fibers off as you made a wish?  Maybe it was for a new bike or a passing grade on an exam, but you always wanted your wish to come true as the petals floated into the air.  When dandelions are hard to come by, pull out some “birthday” candles and make a wish.  There is no need to wait for your actual birthday to enjoy it.  Go ahead, add some candles to your cake, flan, crème brûlée, or even your steak if your sweet tooth is not as sweet as mine.  Why should making a wish only be reserved for birthdays?  I say we close our eyes, take a deep breath, and extinguish that flame whenever the mood strikes.  Especially if there’s something good to celebrate like scoring a killer discount, mastering a delicious meal, or deciding to take that trip you’ve always wanted.  Go ahead, Wonderlings, make that wish.

For the Sparkle:


One of the surest ways to start any celebration—and certainly to last for months and months in your carpet if you’re not careful—is with the smallest and shiniest bits of paper and foil, die-cut into various shapes and sizes.  That’s right, I’m talking about confetti.  A small bag of themed confetti is enough to spruce up any place setting or card with just the right amount of pizzazz.  I’ve always fantasized about throwing handfuls of confetti up into the air and watching as the small pieces rain down upon me leaving me covered with tiny stars, balloons, or hearts and the biggest smile on my face.  Someday, I’ll get around to making cascarones, otherwise known as confetti eggs, that can be smashed on someone’s head for a fun party “fight.”

Just don’t ask me to help with the clean up.

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