Why Every Woman Needs A Ladies Night Out

Sorry for the half-assed post yesterday Wonderlings, but I didn’t want you to all think that I had forgotten you or my vow to post once a week for 2014.  Floating on a sea of happiness from a weekend that included lots of events, I needed to take a day off to make sure I was enjoying life and not simply writing about it.

And enjoying life I have been.  Especially with the lovely ladies of my life.

Me, Rose, and Karen

Me, Rose, and Karen

Last night, I met Karen and Rose for a much overdue night on the town in Hollywood.  We had been planning this get-together for months and were finally able to put aside our busy schedules and carve out some time for a much-needed girls-only evening.  We left the boys at home and struggled through the horror that is finding a parking spot in L.A. in order for some quality time.

A yummy dinner at Birds with Happy Hour-priced drinks and delicious morsels including fried pickles (and I don’t even care for pickles!), rotisserie chicken, shrimp tacos, and pesto chicken panini was the perfect start to an evening of female fun.

Over drinks and dinner, we gossiped about our relationship statuses, our careers, and the people we know and love.  We laughed and the girls opened early and belated birthday gifts from yours truly (a Costa Rica guidebook for our upcoming trip for Karen and the complete DVD series of Roseanne for Rose).  We chatted, we laughed, we enjoyed being together like we once were in college.

Stuffed from the scrumptious meal, we lined up outside to catch a performance of the Upright Citizens Brigade.  Unfortunately, dozens of others beat us to the line and by the time we got to the door, the performance was sold out.

So we improvised.

Hollywood Blvd

Karen chatted up some drunk spirited gals who said we should head over to a local speak easy.  Visions of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? danced in our heads and upon arriving at the secret hot spot, we found that they were closed on Sunday nights.  Less than a block away from Hollywood Boulevard, we hit the streets in search of our next adventure.

Hollywood Ladies

We weren’t the only girls out on the town!

As we passed star after star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, we finally settled on an open mike night at an interesting little bar on the main drag.

One wrong turn down a flight of stairs later, we found our way to the open mike night where we were the only women present amongst a crowd of about five men.  It was awkward, it was uncomfortable, it was an experience we would never forget.

The first comedian was pretty funny.  Unfortunately, he was followed by the creepiest MC known to man and another comedian who was so stoned, he made Cheech and Chong look sober.  Granted, it was an open mike night, but these guys didn’t cater to their audience whatsoever.  They trash-talked women and made lame Star Wars jokes (which Karen thought were hilarious).  After two rounds of the first comedian and not enough funny jokes, we decided it was time to move on.

And that’s when it hit me.

These gals, my gals, were the fun of the evening.  We didn’t need comedians or cocktails to entertain us.  We had each other.  We were together and that was enough.

There is something about women together that is just such an amazing source of life and sisterhood.  There’s a reason that shows like Sex & the City and Girls are so popular with generations of women.  We can all relate to having female friends who have seen us at our worst and still want to be with us to hold our hair back when we get sick and be the shoulder to cry on when all the world comes crashing down.

Be it your tribe, your sisters, or your gal pals, the bond between women is a strong connection that few can understand.  We are there for each other when life is rough and we are there to celebrate the great moments.

We are women.  Hear us roar.

11 thoughts on “Why Every Woman Needs A Ladies Night Out

  1. jansenschmidt says:

    Hats off to a fun gals night out! I’m surprise you had such a hard time finding something to do in Hollywood though. You’d think there’d be non-stop 24/7 action.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  2. The Regular Guy NYC says:

    Heck, we all need a night out with our peeps, whether it be girls night out or boys night out. As long as we all don’t get in too much trouble but have a whole lot of fun!

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