Scheduled To Relax

Humans as a whole are far too willing to work themselves to death.  We over-schedule, over-analyze, and over-commit to life’s flurry of events and obligations.  It’s natural for use to want to be everywhere and do everything, but when do we really focus on ourselves and enjoy a day of peace and quiet?

As I have mentioned, I have been working some Saturdays lately.  Luckily, I didn’t have to go into the office yesterday, but I had a 5K first thing in the morning so sleeping in was out of the question.  Though it was my decision to run a 5K every month, I really wanted to just stay in bed rather than drive 20 minutes to the event and spend time out of breath and sweating my brains out. But I did it. I rolled out of bed, brushed my teeth, and headed out the door.  It wasn’t my best 5K, but it certainly wasn’t my worst and, though I thought my performance was lacking what it has been, it was still my best time yet.

I barely made it in time to pin my bib on and take this photo.

I barely made it in time to pin my bib on and take this photo.

So I decided to reward myself.

After a shower and change of clothes, I headed over to my mom’s where we ordered in Chinese food and hunkered down with Jake to watch the longest movie ever The Wolf of Wall Street.  We were all set to watch another movie, but my contacts were giving me a headache (as they often do) and I decided to head home to put my glasses on and just relax.  With the heat turning my apartment into the tropics, I stripped down to a bra and shorts (the benefits of living alone) and laid out on the couch with a copy of Chelsea Handler’s new book of travel adventures, Uganda Be Kidding Me.

Five hours later, I woke up.

It’s not very often that I laze around the house, but after working like I’ve been and the 5K, I was pooped and clearly needed my rest.  And I didn’t feel the least bit guilty for enjoying every second of it. Normally, if I don’t do something during the day, I feel like I’ve wasted time.  

There is always something to be cleaned or planned or written.  But sometimes, like yesterday, you just need a break. You need to relax.  You need to sit back and read a book or watch a movie or just not think about the million things that are usually running around in your head.  You need to just be and not stress about what’s not getting done because you’re taking a little “me time.”

One of my favorite ways to relax: a glass of wine and a good book.

One of my favorite ways to relax: a glass of wine and a good book.

What we never seem to understand—I’m definitely guilty of this—is that what we don’t get done today can be done tomorrow.  Sure, deadlines pop up and some events must happen in a certain time frame, but for the most part, we can take a day to do nothing and the world will not fall crumbling down.

Wonderlings, I implore you to stop and savor a day of relaxing.  Don’t do your hair or put makeup on.  Stay in your comfy clothes and just enjoy the day.  Sit on a balcony and watch the clouds move in the sky.  Park your butt on the beach and spend the day listening to the waves crash and the wind howl.  Bask in a day that is not special in any way except that you are free to ignore the chores and responsibilities that can wait.  

Take a deep breath and take a day off. Your senses will be recharged before you know it.

13 thoughts on “Scheduled To Relax

  1. Eleni Anthea says:

    *whoopwhoop* to the 5k! I should have done this more often in the last months. During winter time I did it regularly but by the time I started this blog… well… um.. yes… 😀
    and though the blog was worth it – it was bad for my immune system and now I`m sick with a really bad cold. so enough time to relax but not in a way I like. but I`ll try 😉
    love from Vienna!

  2. jansenschmidt says:

    Thank you for giving me permission to do this. You are so right that humans actually feel guilt for doing what dogs and cats to all day long – whatever they want too. I’m so glad you got to enjoy some alone time. For me, that’s priceless time.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  3. Caitlin | The Siren's Tale says:

    Love this post! I tend to feel guilty when I sit around or relax because there’s always so much to be done. But you’re so right, it’s needed and deserved. We all should be setting time aside just to relax and enjoy 🙂

  4. cravesadventure says:

    Life is certainly not working myself to death! I have been scheduling in more R&R, especially when it comes to exercising throughout the week. My body is no longer screaming at me, but loving me instead – feels nice and pretty good too 🙂 Happy R&R!!!

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