A Tribute To A Trio Of Terrific Moms

I have been told over the years that there is nothing more powerful than the love a mother can have for her child.  We see it in all walks of life from mama bears protecting their young to moms who would do anything to ensure the happiness of their children.  It’s a strong love and one that I hope to experience some day.

For now, I choose to honor three of the most amazing mothers I have ever known.

My Sister

Growing up, I worshiped my older sister.  I wanted to be just like her and do everything that she did.  I’m sure I was quite an annoying little sister, but I couldn’t help but idolize her and long so desperately to be a part of her world.

I couldn't help but look up to her.

I couldn’t help but look up to her.

As we’ve gotten older, I am in awe at what a wonderful mother she is.  With the patience of a saint and an instinct for knowing which battles to choose, she is raising my two adorable nephews to be well-behaved and loving little boys.  This is a job she was born to have.  And she makes it look so easy!


She loves them and they love her.

Like all mothers, she gets frustrated sometimes and needs a glass of wine at the end of a tough evening, but I have never seen such a natural mother.  From her impeccable organization skills (that allowed her to finish her Bachelor’s degree while being a working mommy) to her ability to roll with the punches, she always seems to know just what to do and I still find myself wanting to be just like her when I have kids of my own.

My Aunt

Throughout the years, my aunt has been the biggest cheerleader of the family.  She encourages each of us, from her nieces and nephews to her son, to go after our dreams and we always know that whatever path we walk down in life, she will be right behind us with a smile on her face and open arms ready to embrace us in a hug.

No doubt sharing a story with me, something we still do today.

No doubt sharing a story with me, something we still do today.

Almost like a second parent, she is the core of any family event.  Parties are arranged with careful details and immaculately wrapped gifts.  Birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and any other life event are never forgotten and you will find a perfectly timed greeting card in the mailbox, a habit I have most definitely picked up.

The look of utmost pride and love.

One of my absolute favorite pictures of her: the look of utmost pride and love (even for silly faces).

She was an absolute rock as she watched her only child go through cancer and two life-saving bone marrow transplants.  And though there have been dark times, her unyielding faith and hope inspire all of us to persevere.  You’d never know how strong a woman she is and one of the most loving I’ve ever met.

My Mom

We have been thick as thieves since the day I was born and no one in the world is more important to me than my mom.  She is the air that I breathe, the laughter I can’t contain, and best friend I could ever hope to have.

One of our first photos together.

One of our first photos together.

For most of my life it was just the two of us and she has taught me to be fiercely independent and a goal-getter.  An absolute inspiration, she never met a challenge she couldn’t face and instilled in me a sense of ambition that shows no signs of fading.  There is nothing in the world she can’t do and she taught me to always believe in myself and know that I could accomplish anything I set my mind to.

My favorite person in the world!

My favorite person in the world!

I have never in my life questioned her love for me.  She makes it clear every time she makes fun of me, tries to fix me up with the random men of the world, and calls me by one of my many nicknames.  In all seriousness, I don’t know what I would do without my mom.  We get each other and our bond is unbreakable.  She is my soul mate and I can’t wait to see how great she’ll be as a grandma when the time comes.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the awesome moms out there!

7 thoughts on “A Tribute To A Trio Of Terrific Moms

  1. jansenschmidt says:

    A very lovely tribute, Jessica. I hope you have them in your lives for many, many years. I lost my mother in 2008 and every day I hurt from missing her.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

    • Jessica | Defining Wonderland says:

      Thank you, Patricia and I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your mom. I can’t even imagine how much that hurts. I’m lucky to have these women in my life and I definitely plan on keeping them there for a long, long while.

  2. cravesadventure says:

    Beautiful Post 🙂 I am so blessed as well as lucky to have four strong women in my life – my mom, my mother-in-law, my husband’s grandma (my mother-in-law’s mom) and my grandma on my dad’s side. I miss the grandmas’ and their wealth of knowledge and insight the most. I wish our family was not scattered in four different states – thank goodness for technology and airplanes though. Happy Day!

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