30-Before-30: After Summer Update

Photo credit:  www.ohmyhandmade.com

Photo credit: www.ohmyhandmade.com

I’m almost to the halfway point and there are still quite a few items left to complete on my list.  Luckily, 2014 has really been my year and accomplishing goals has never bene easier.  Ok, so they’re not all exactly easy, but they have been coming together better than I could have ever imagined.  There’s a lot I’ve already written about, but some things didn’t seem big enough to warrant their own post.

To celebrate the return of sweaters and getting to wear boots for a week straight, I present to you the other items I was able to check off this summer.

Making New Friends

One of the best parts about summer’s end is the annual county fair full of fried foods, free concerts, and furry animals.  After watching the pig races, my friend Buffy and I decided to wander around before Little Big Town took the stage.

Buffy and me with the champion racer.

Buffy and me with the champion racer.

We walked by the pony rides and situated right next to them was the petting zoo.  Normally, I don’t pay much attention to these things.  I love animals, but not enough to spend $10 looking at them while they harass me for food.  However this time, I saw a little fuzzy mass sitting all alone out of the corner of my eye and I flipped a screw.

I was going in and I was going in immediately.

Though adorable, this fawn was not the prize I was after.

Although adorable, this fawn was not the critter I was after.

I paid my $3 entrance fee and scoffed at purchasing the ice cream cone of kibble that I was offered.  Shocked that no one was trying to pet it, I headed right for it, camera ready.  I couldn’t believe that no one was paying any attention to the little baby.  No, people were too excited to see the sheep and goats.  Screw that.  I did not just pay good money to pet something I could have seen for free over in the livestock arena.  My eyes were on the prize and that prize was a marsupial.

I met a kangaroo!

I met a kangaroo!

She was calm and delightful as she sat peacefully at the water bowl.  I spend a few minutes hanging out with the little kangaroo before I moved on to pet the deer and have my legs jumped on by the goats.  I met an exotic animal and it was the best $3 I’ve ever spent.

Movin’ On Up

Before I even moved into my new home, I had to get a certain piece of furniture: a new bed.  A few weeks before the move, I headed over to Ashley Furniture where Buffy’s husband Angel works.  It didn’t take me long to find the perfect bed for my ginormous master suite (seriously, there’s a fireplace in there).  Before I knew it, I had an adult-sized a queen bed, dresser, and night stands to call my own at a ridiculously discounted price and five years to pay it off without interest.

Delivery day.

Delivery day.

When the set was delivered, I was shocked at how tall my bed was.  When I stand next to it, the top of the mattress is higher than my waist.  I guess I should have listened to Angel and not purchased the box spring as I now have to literally climb into bed.  Buffy suggested I get a little step to help me.

I think a trampoline would be more fun.

6 thoughts on “30-Before-30: After Summer Update

  1. lydiawarren says:

    Hey there! I’ve just stumbled across your blog and it’s gorgeous. I am also considering doing a ’30 before 30 list’ in my final year of my 20s, so it’s inspiring reading about others doing the same. Good luck with the rest of your list 🙂

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