A Black Treat For Halloween

It’s Halloween! Whether you are dressed to the nines as a sexy [insert any profession] or are home in sweats passing out the unwanted chocolates to trick-or-treaters while hoarding the favorites (I’m looking at you, Milky Way Midnight), the night is full of fun movies, delicious morsels, and just a hint of the spooks that make our hearts race and our palms sweat. There are tricks and there are treats. Just don’t let a black cat cross your path.

Or in my case, try to trip you.

After nearly three decades of longing, I finally brought home something I’ve always wanted. It may seem strange to welcome this creature into my home especially so close to Halloween, but I just couldn’t resist.   Superstition be damned! From the moment I saw his picture, I knew he was the one for me. Who would have thought that so much love could be found on Craigslist?

After an initial meeting where he showed no signs of fear and tried to hijack his way out in my purse, Baxter came home last Friday and it’s as though he’s always been here.


My little kitty baby meow meow

He has reserved a spot above my head for nighttime sleeping, often sharing the pillow with me or putting a paw in my face. He has learned that the top cabinet above the pantry is where his treats are and meowing will often reward him with one. He has staked out hiding places behind the TV and washer and dryer, but always comes when he’s called. He is a non-stop purr-er and constantly sounds like he’s vibrating.

He spent out first day together napping on a pillow on my lap.

He spent our first day together napping on a pillow on my lap.

And while I love having Baxter around, I have had to adjust to having a four-legged fur baby.

My nights are often disturbed by a scratchy tongue on my face or a little mouth suckling on my fingertips.   Closet doors must now be shut because someone is determined to scale my long dresses like Mount Everest.   Beverage containers must be plastic and have a lid if they are to be set down for kitty likes to not only sample each liquid (including wine, which truly lets me know we were meant to be), but knock the cup over as well. I must constantly watch where I’m walking because the moment I don’t is the moment he darts out in front of me determined to kill me. Or at least I think he is.

My mischievous little monster.

My mischievous little monster.

Baxter is like a child that gets into everything, but has an IV drip of adrenaline coursing through his tiny veins so, not only does he cause trouble, he causes it quickly. Before I have time to put the pan on the stove, he’s climbed into the cabinets to inspect the pots. The dryer, freezer, refrigerator, and pantry are all places to be explored as soon as the door is opened. I’ve managed to prevent him from going into the garage, but I wonder how long that will last.

Despite all his feline shenanigans, I am so happy to be a pet parent. There is always someone to come home to and it doesn’t hurt that he’s just the cutest little thing and seems to love me as much as I love him. He’s a great snuggle bug and reminds me to take a break from things if only to give him another pet.

My new method of blogging.

This is how I blog now.

I can’t believe how good-natured and sweet my little boy is, very un-catlike. And I’ve finally found a way to get my mom off my back about grandchildren.   At least for the time being.

With an All Hallow’s Eve storm heading our way, we’re staying in to watch a virgin light a candle, make brownies, and drink wine.

There’s no bad luck here.

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