Welcome To 30

I turned 30 on a Thursday in May.  The day was a typical spring day in Southern California.  I stayed in bed a little longer than usual since I took the day off.  No one should work on their birthday and especially not a milestone birthday.  Nope, I had big plans for the day.  I would spend the day alone to get a little pampered and treat myself.

Many people questioned this decision to spend the day by myself, but it was the perfect day for me.  Birthdays have never been that big of a deal for me.  Everyone has them, you don’t really earn it, and they always just feel like any other day.  I know, I know.  I sound a bit like the Birthday Scrooge, but I’m a realist.  After the age of 21, there are no privileges you get to look forward to like voting or drinking.  I take that back, now I can count down to my eligible retirement age of 57, but that seems like such a long, long way to go.

To start the day, I drove over to a local massage parlor and relaxed as the tension was worked out of my shoulders and neck.  Though I’ve had better massages, this was just what I needed to begin my thirtieth year.  A little quiet time to have the knots melted away as my mind hopped from thought to thought as it tends to do when I’m not focused on something.  I was oily and calm when the hour was up, thanking everyone who wished me a happy birthday and bestowing a generous tip on my masseuse.

I zipped over to the local movie theater for what could possibly be the most fitting film for a new 30-year old: The Age of Adaline.  The story of a woman, played by the gorgeous Blake Lively, who doesn’t age past 29.  Oh to look 29 for decades and decades…

I loved the movie because it was more than a love story, more than a mother-daughter story.  It was a modern fairy tale of a woman coming into her own time and time again.  It was beautiful, magical, and thought-provoking.  I can’t wait for it to come out on Blu-ray.

I came home long enough to respond to a few birthday greetings on Facebook and to lock Baxter in the bathroom.  Granted, I didn’t mean to trap him in the bathroom.  The little bugger snuck in there as I was walking out and I didn’t realize he had until I returned two hours later and he meowed for me to let him out.  Silly cat!

The two hours away was for my transformation.  I spent that time with a new hair stylist as she covered up my gray hair tinsel and gave me a trim.  Not a complete transformation, but I did feel cuter by the end of it.  From there, it was dinner with my parents.  I was showered with cards and gifts as I sipped on a mojito and munched on my favorite spinach artichoke dip.


I couldn’t have asked for a better day to be welcomed into a new decade by so many loving friends and family who offered kind words on Facebook, sent funny text messages, and surprised me with cards, postcards, and gifts.  I was honored, delighted, and humbled by the outpouring of celebration.  My list was only missing one item, but I was proud of all that I had accomplished in the last 365 days of my twenties.

I can’t wait to see what the next decade holds.

13 thoughts on “Welcome To 30

  1. jansenschmidt says:

    I spent my 51st birthday doing much the same thing. It was awesome to spend the perfect day by myself being pampered. We gals should do that more often.

    Happiest of birthdays my friend and there’s to many, many more.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt

  2. Jellyfish Mama says:

    I’m going to turn 30 this October and a part of me is dreading reaching this ‘milestone’. Your way of spending the day sounds fabulous though and I just might steal your ideas.. :p

  3. susielindau says:

    I totally believe we earn out birthdays. Regardless of fighting and beating cancer, I’ve always felt like that. Each of us is a gift. A birthday is a celebration of that gift. “Bring on the gifts!” I always say. I’m glad you enjoyed yours! Your life has just begun.

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