The Things We Remember

The mind is a funny thing.  With just a sniff of a fragrance or the tune of a song, the brain brings us back to another time or place as we recall a moment of our past.  In an instant, we are back at the prom wishing someone would ask us to dance or we’re replaying that fight and wondering if the hurtful things said had any truth to them.  It’s as though we’ve sat down in front of our television and started streaming a movie only this time, the movie is our own tale.

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Loyalty’s Disintegration


When I was younger, I recited the Pledge of Allegiance in school every day.  I didn’t really know what it meant or how significant of a promise it was, but I stood with my hand over my heart and uttered those 31 words while looking up at the American flag.  As I’ve gotten older, I finally realize what those words mean and how important loyalty is.

Loyalty is a quality to be admired and sought after.  We look for mates who promise to be faithful and devoted.  We lean on our friends who’ve “got our backs” when we need a little support.  We praise pets, particularly dogs, for being by our side through thick and thin.  We expect people to be loyal, but what about companies?

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Spring Into Change

I’m not quite sure what it is about springtime.  Between the subtle change in the Southern California “seasons” to the love-to-hate-it task of spring cleaning, everything feels new and different.  The skies are bluer, there is the unmistakable fragrance of fresh blooms in the air, and everyone seems a little lighter.  The weather gets warmer, the sun shines, and people are just generally happier.  It’s like we’ve all awoken from a long winter’s slumber.

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Put To The Test

During our primitive school years, we get used to taking tests.  Whether they involve using a #2 pencil to fill in little bubbles or getting each letter correct on a spelling exam, we learn quickly that we must pass in order to succeed.  We can’t get our driver’s licenses without both a written and in-car examination.  We can’t get through college without passing midterms and finals.  And we get used to the act of taking tests.


As adults, the tests become about so much more than academia.  We struggle through tests of willpower when coworkers bring in donuts and we are trying desperately to fit into that special occasion outfit.  We are forced to hold our tongues when people test our nerves.  Our patience is tested as we wait for good or bad news and when children push our buttons.  Heck, we even test our own limits by jumping out of planes and taking professional and personal risks.

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Blame It On The Rain

We’ve been experiencing drought conditions here in California and I was delighted to hear the news of not one, but two winter storms heading our way.  For three days, water poured from the sky in light drizzle and heavy downpours.  In between the rain, there were moments of bright, blue skies and thick fog that hung low, hugging the mountains.  It was perfect weather to stay in under a blanket with a good book and a fireplace roaring.

What is it about the rain that is so inspiring?

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Back In Time For The Holidays


For the last few months, this blog here has been pretty quiet, though I’ve tried to be an active reader and commenter so you all know I haven’t completely disappeared. It’s not for lack of wanting to or lack of inspiration.  I could give you all the typical run around of being so busy and focused on other projects, but there’s just more to it than that.  A while ago I decided, much like some of my favorite bloggers also seem to have done, to focus on living life rather than writing about it. And boy have I been living! Continue reading

Sometimes It’s The Hardest Thing To Say

Kid Says No

When we were young, particularly during those Terrible Twos, we learned to stand our ground and not yield to every request that came our way.  We turned our noses at anything green on our plates.  We ran the other way when it was bedtime, bath time, or homework time.  We refused to make our bed and put our toys away.

We said no.

As we got older, something happened and we began to accept things that our toddler selves would never have tolerated.  We tried new foods and learned that maybe we were wrong about what we originally rejected.  We stuck to the daily routine of sleep, bathing, and work schedules, whether we liked them or not.  We washed dishes, dusted furniture, and vacuumed, even if we hated every minute.

We stopped saying no.

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The Accelerated Crawl Of Time

Time is a pretty strange concept when you start to think about it.  It’s one of the few things in life that no one really has control over, yet something that everyone possesses at one point or another.  We hold onto it, we waste it, we give it to others, and we can never get it back.


With twenty-four hours in a day and twelve months in a year, time is a fixed idea.  Sixty seconds tick by and before you know it, a minute is gone then another and then another.  The sun rises and sets each day at variable times, but the pattern persists for most individuals.  Wake up, exhaust the daylight hours, go to sleep, repeat.  Sure, the activities of each day will inevitably vary, but we intrinsically are living just as the ancient cavemen did.  Granted, we have technological advances that can keep us up well into the night.  I’m looking at you, Internet! Continue reading

Not Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop

Have you ever had a time in your life that everything was just coming up roses?  A span of time that makes you want to buy a lottery ticket because you are sure you’ll win since everything else in your world is going according to plan?  Did that every scare the crap out of you?  If everything is going so right, something must inevitably crash and burn right before your very eyes to bring you back to the harsh, cruel light of reality.  But what if it doesn’t?  What if you choose not to worry about it?  What if you just savor the moment as if it were a decadent piece of chocolate melting on your tongue?

Live in the Moment

To give you all a little insight, my 2013 has been going exceptionally well for being only a quarter of the way through the year.  I was chosen for a promotion at work in the midst of a hiring freeze, I started dating a man I’m actually really excited about, and I’m still the favorite auntie to my four munchkins.  Without getting too sappy or boastful, I am incredibly happy with the place I am in life and am not freaking out about anything—quite unusual for me.  And I’ve got to say, it feels really good to just be.

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Disney In Question

Every other Tuesday, I have the luxury of rolling out of bed and working from my “office” in the living room.  It’s a pretty sweet set-up that has me bare-faced and properly attired in lounge pants and a sweatshirt.  On these days, since I have no co-workers to chat with, I pop in movie after movie to add a little background noise to an otherwise quiet day.

For whatever reason, a lot of the time I resort to watching cartoons.  Being the Disney fanatic that I am, I have practically all of the “classic films” of my childhood.  And of course there are the Pixar tales as well.  It’s nice to have films that I have watched time and time again that I don’t have to pay attention to anymore.  I can work on spreadsheets and reports without being worried that I’m going to miss something.  There’s nothing to miss… I can recite almost all of these movies from start to finish without much effort.  And I still thoroughly enjoy each viewing.

After watching 101 Dalmatians and Lady and the Tramp today, I got to thinking about my favorite Disney animated films.  There are just so many things that I have wondered about since I was a little girl and even more that I’ve considered as an adult.

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