Post Postponed Due To Exhaustion

I hate to have to do this to you, Wonderlings, but I’m too pooped to give you all a proper post tonight. Between traveling from coast-to-coast, a birthday party, a musical, and some sad news, I am just too tired to post. As with the last time I “cheated” with a quick post like this, I will be back tomorrow for a full-length adventure.

Thanks for understanding.

Silent Auctions: A Lesson In Getting What You Want


Have you ever experienced the sheer delight of getting something that you really want?  Something that you see and just have to have?  Doesn’t it just fill you with happiness when you finally do get it?

Yesterday, the 5K that I ran in–my third of the year–was immediately followed by a festival.  The whole event benefitted foster children in the local area and there were so many post-race activities, I found it hard to leave.  While young girls showed off their clogging skills and reptiles were exhibited to excited animal lovers, there was a kids area, complete with a rock wall and inflatable obstacle courses, and plenty for the adults, including merchandise and charity booths, food trucks, and my personal favorite, silent auctions.

I love silent auctions!

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Just Keep Running

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In my ongoing quest to keep my New Year’s resolution, I ran my second 5K of the year yesterday.  Unlike the first when I ran on a sunny morning along the coast, yesterday’s race was in an athletic field on a gloomy, foggy day.  The moisture hung thick in the air and I struggled to keep warm before the race began.

I was surrounded by soccer moms and dads and the kids whose league benefited from the event.  I didn’t know a soul and everywhere I looked, people were gathered together like little cliques on the playground.  While they chatted away, I made sure my playlist was ready to go with the new songs I had downloaded the night before.

There was something different in the air and I felt a determination that I hadn’t felt at January’s 5K.  I was going to run this one all the way through.

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The Past That Haunts Us

Past Quote

There are hundreds of inspirational quotes and people who all say the same thing: live in the moment.  You can find thousands of messages all telling you that the only thing that matters is the here and now.  The past is over and the future isn’t here yet, so let’s all be present and enjoy every moment that comes our way.  It’s a quality I find admirable and one I struggle with every day of my life.  The problem with living in the moment is that it’s so hard to forget about the history that came before it.

The past.

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The Secrets That We Keep

SecretsHow many of us huddled together on the playground and cupped our hands over a friend’s ear to whisper hidden words that we had never uttered before?  We shared our innermost thoughts and dreams to our pals after they pinky promised to “never tell anyone so long as I live.”  Perhaps we divulged our feelings for a classmate or confessed to something embarrassing.  Whatever the reason, we decided to unleash the truth and almost immediately felt a weight had been lifted.  There’s a reason websites like PostSecret are so popular.  People need to let it out, to ease the burden of secret keeping and be honest, if not with others than with themselves.

As adults, we all keep secrets.  It’s just the way it is.  Some people hide feelings about their best friend’s spouse or what they did last Saturday night.  Health conditions, past mistakes, and relationships are concealed under the cloaks of omission and lies.  We portray rosy dispositions when we may be struggling with something that gnaws at our emotional core, but that we feel we must keep to ourselves.

We hide parts of our lives from those around us for so many reasons.  We’re afraid of how people will react to the truth or how their opinions of our character will be changed once the secret is out.  We worry that people won’t understand the truth or how/why we’ve tried to protect them from it.  Maybe we’re even a little ashamed.

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The Labels We Give, The Labels We Receive

What a week America has had!

First, the bombing of the Boston Marathon, then the fertilizer plant explosion in Texas, and finally the death of one Boston Bomber suspect and the arrest of another.  As someone with many family members in the Boston area, including Watertown—some a quarter of a mile from the action—where the suspect was finally captured, I am incredibly relieved to know that the only thing that happened to my family was the fear that ran through their minds as their hometown was put under lockdown.  Thank you Watertown Police and all those involved who ensured a swift arrest with no civilian casualties.

Now that the manhunt is over, the fact-finding mission begins.  With news coverage almost exclusively broadcasting every minute detail into the life of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, many labels have been attributed to the young man who remains in critical condition.

Boston Bomber

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A New Year, A New Start


Happy New Year!  Today is the first day of 2013.  Are you all excited?  Have you made your resolutions and are you ready to stick to them?  I’d love to hear about what my Wonderlings are planning on accomplishing in the New Year.

I know I talked about resolutions yesterday, but I didn’t really get into what mine are.  By now everyone should know that I started this blog last year and resolved to write a minimum of one post a week.  I achieved that goal and I am so glad I did.  Resolutions are a great way to start a habit.  It takes many attempts—I once read the magical number was 21—before a behavior/activity becomes routine and it is practically effortless from there on out.  Plus, when you tell other people, you subconsciously hold yourself more accountable than if you were to keep your resolutions private.  Now that I’ve got the blogging down, but here are the things I’m planning to work on for 2013.

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Here’s To You, 2012!

What a year it has been, Wonderlings!

I am so honored and grateful to each and every one of you for your support and interest in this little blog of mine. I can proudly say that after 366 days (2012 was a Leap Year after all), 52 weeks, and 87 (this will be 88) posts, I have kept my resolution for the year.


Yes, this is Defining Wonderland’s first blogiversary!  It has been a wonderful year with all of you.  Thanks for joining me along this ride and I look forward to continuing to blog in the coming year.

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Celebrating A Totally Awesome Day

Have you ever had one of those perfect days?  You know, when the planets align and everything just seems to go in your favor?  The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and you could burst into song at any moment because you are just incredibly happy.

Today was one of those days and I just have to share it.

From the moment the Santa Ana Winds woke me up from my slumber on the couch (I sleep there from time to time) with their mighty blows noisily shaking everything in the apartment, it has just been a great day.  I must have done something really good to warrant a day like this and I have been thoroughly enjoying every minute.

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