Citizens of Wonderland

To protect the identities of my friends and family, I have decided to name them after TV show characters.  I’m not crazy, but some of them are.  Ok, I am too.

Behold, the citizens and tourists (those mentioned only once or twice) of Wonderland:

  • Ares – ex-boyfriend
  • Bree Van de Kamp – Sister, married to Orson, mother to Andrew
  • Carol Brady – aunt, married to Mike, mother to Greg
  • Chrissy Snow – mother of Darrin and Bree, my “stepmom”
  • Darrin Stephens – Brother #1, married to Samantha, father to Tabitha and Adam
  • Fez – on-and-off friend I sort of dated
  • The Fonz – my mentor of all things
  • George O’Malley – former friend who fell in love with me
  • Hawkeye – my favorite drinking buddy
  • Jackie Burkhart – former friend
  • Janice Soprano – former friend I met in college
  • Kelly Taylor – childhood friend
  • Kermie – guy I dated, but wasn’t that interested in
  • Mr. Big – guy I know off of dating websites, though never met in person
  • Popeye – friend, married to Olive Oyl
  • Rickie Vasquez – childhood best friend, often referred to as my gay husband
  • Rose Nylund – my dearest friend
  • Wilma Flintstone – gal pal, married to Fred
  • Zack Morris – Brother #2

If you don’t know who any of these characters are, I suggest you get to googling.

*Please note: this list will be updated as more citizens are introduced.

4 thoughts on “Citizens of Wonderland

    • Jessica says:

      Thanks! Unfortunately, I started this list at the beginning of Defining Wonderland and since the blog has shifted focus, this list isn’t used nearly as much as I had anticipated. I’m glad you liked it though! =)

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