It’s Been Another Year. No Need For Flowers.

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December 31st has been a special day for the last four years.  It’s the day I reflect on all that I have learned since I began this blog on this day.  Now I know that I’ve been pretty absent the last three months, but life does that.

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Wrapping Up 2014 With Leather

First off, it’s hard to believe that 2014 is just a few hours from being a thing of the past.  It was a truly remarkable year full of lots of unexpected surprises, delights, and some sad news.  I watched blogging friends welcome babies, buy a home, complete a triathlon, live the wild and cancer-free life, travel to the Last Frontier, explore everything that New York City has to offer, and showcase the most delicious meals and gorgeous photographs.

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Spring Into Change

I’m not quite sure what it is about springtime.  Between the subtle change in the Southern California “seasons” to the love-to-hate-it task of spring cleaning, everything feels new and different.  The skies are bluer, there is the unmistakable fragrance of fresh blooms in the air, and everyone seems a little lighter.  The weather gets warmer, the sun shines, and people are just generally happier.  It’s like we’ve all awoken from a long winter’s slumber.

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Post Postponed Due To Exhaustion

I hate to have to do this to you, Wonderlings, but I’m too pooped to give you all a proper post tonight. Between traveling from coast-to-coast, a birthday party, a musical, and some sad news, I am just too tired to post. As with the last time I “cheated” with a quick post like this, I will be back tomorrow for a full-length adventure.

Thanks for understanding.

Pressed By Jess

These are the posts that I live for because you know that someone, perhaps many someone’s, are bound to be happy by the end of them.  There is nothing deep to this kind of post, but I love nothing more than to give back to my readers with some recognition and prizes.

So here goes…

Pressed by Jess

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One Hundred Wonders Later

I have two announcements to make.

  1. Today, I am headed to the Boston for what has become my annual pilgrimage to visit with family and sample what a real winter feels like just as Southern California is expecting 80-degree weather. I know, I know, it seems like I spend most of my time on vacation, but I really do hold a full-time job (one that may see me getting even more time off).
  2. This is Defining Wonderland‘s 100th post! I can’t believe how quickly it took to reach triple digits and I am so grateful to the Wonderlings who have been around for the last year and the new ones who have joined this blogging adventure. To the next hundred!

The Wonderland Registry (Feb)

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Here’s To You, 2012!

What a year it has been, Wonderlings!

I am so honored and grateful to each and every one of you for your support and interest in this little blog of mine. I can proudly say that after 366 days (2012 was a Leap Year after all), 52 weeks, and 87 (this will be 88) posts, I have kept my resolution for the year.


Yes, this is Defining Wonderland’s first blogiversary!  It has been a wonderful year with all of you.  Thanks for joining me along this ride and I look forward to continuing to blog in the coming year.

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