The Increasing Appeal Of Domesticity

The Ultimate Career

In college, I once took a class all about the 1950’s.  It was a fascinating time in America.  Communism was the “C” word and we faced increasing tensions with Russia and Korea.  Many people associate this decade with such things as the birth of rock and roll and the Golden Age of television.  Others with a sexualization we were just beginning to uncover with the advent of Playboy Magazine and the most famous blonde to ever grace the Silver Screen: Marilyn Monroe.

For me, I associate this time with a different type of woman: the homemaker.
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When In Doubt, Add More Bacon

Remember last year when I proved to you all that I am a silent auction queen?  Of course you don’t and I wouldn’t expect you to.  It was a long time ago and so much has happened since then.  A quick recap: I won a silent auction at a 5K I ran.  The culinary themed gift basket was full of cooking utensils, fancy salt and pepper shakers, kitchen towels, and a gift certificate for a Let’s Get Cookin’ class at the Westlake Culinary Institute.

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