Adventures In Dog Watching

While my mother is out of town, I am the lucky one who gets to stay with Jake. I relish the days with the little fur ball since I rarely get one-on-one time with him since I moved out five years ago. He eagerly greets me when I come home, snuggles at night, and gives me the biggest guilt trip in the world when I have to leave him.

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Just Because It’s Funny: Dog Shaming

The recent internet sensation of humorously shaming toddlers by posting a picture of the guilty child with a sign explaining what he or she did to warrant such embarrassment has spread to the animal kingdom.  Makes me want to do the very same thing to Jake when he scares the crap out of the neighbors, scrapes his butt on the carpet, clears a room with his farts, drools a small lake while waiting for ice cream, begs, or… you get the picture.  Enjoy!


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When You Miss A Little Dog

Greetings from the Rhine River, Wonderlings!

We have left Amsterdam and are making our way to Cologne. Luckily, there have been no leaky ceilings or instances where anyone has been thought to have wet the bed. All is good, all is cold.

I wish Jake were here to snuggle with in our cabin. His furry little body always finds the perfect way to get completely tucked into mine, making us both warm. But, as we are on our vacation he is on his.

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