Minstrels And Maidens Galore

When I wanted to attend a new festival, I had so many options to choose from and not enough at the same time. I began my festival search a little late into my 30-Before-30 challenge and I found myself with a million festivals that I wanted to experience and a year in which to wait for them. That’s right, most of the festivals I envisioned going to had already passed by the time I started looking. Apparently, the prime season is the summer and there aren’t many in winter and spring. I thought about revisiting one I’ve already been to, but I figured that would be cheating myself out of what I set out to do which was find a new one to enjoy.

So I kept looking.

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There’ll Be Parties For Hosting

One of the selling points when I bought my condo was the large kitchen with ample countertop space.  I pictured myself playing hostess to friends for dinner parties, festive get-togethers, and celebrations of all seasons.  I imagined yummy foods and delicious drinks atop every available surface.  Happy faces would be everywhere and laughter would be the soundtrack of the evening.

I just knew I had to have a party before the year was up.

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Fun In The Sunday

With a classic case of pink nose on half of the group, my family and I are back from our wonderful vacation in San Diego and about to keep the fun going with a picnic on the beach.  I forgot how much fun it is to be around these crazy people!

Lots of laughs, lots of love.

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