The Things We Remember

The mind is a funny thing.  With just a sniff of a fragrance or the tune of a song, the brain brings us back to another time or place as we recall a moment of our past.  In an instant, we are back at the prom wishing someone would ask us to dance or we’re replaying that fight and wondering if the hurtful things said had any truth to them.  It’s as though we’ve sat down in front of our television and started streaming a movie only this time, the movie is our own tale.

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Misconceptions Abound

In the past, whenever anyone mentioned Germany, my mind instantly formed a negative picture. Images of war-torn cities, concentration camp victims, and hoards of David Hasselhoff fans played like trailers in a movie theater. I just couldn’t understand why anyone aside from frat boys wanting to raise their steins at Oktoberfest would ever want to vacation there. Needless to say, Germany was never on my travel radar of places I must visit.

But I was wrong. I was so, so wrong.

After the delightful and surprising Amsterdam, our cruise ship, the Amacello, brought us to Köln, or Cologne. It was my first experience of Deutschland and I was immediately in awe.

Clockwise from Top Left: Cologne's Town Hall, wood carvings outside of a Christmas market, Cologne's coat of arms, travel buddies for life

Clockwise from Top Left: Cologne’s Town Hall, wood carvings outside of a Christmas market, Cologne’s coat of arms, travel buddies for life

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Have You Voted Today?

Today is the day.  It’s Election Day here in the States and I’m hoping that everyone 18 and over will do their part and cast their ballot today.

I know there is usually a lot of confusion around this time of year.  My Facebook feed is full of “Vote Yes” on this and “Vote No” on that.  Everyone seems to have an opinion and I’m not entirely sure that this makes us better or worse as an “informed” society.

But have no fear Wonderlings, this post is not about politics, it is about action.

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If You Got The Chance To Go Back, Would You?

High school.

Hundreds of movies have been made about the in crowd, the nerds, and the mean girls.  John Hughes made millions showcasing Molly Ringwald in such classics as Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, and my personal favorite, The Breakfast Club.

Don’t you… forget about me.

There was something magical to be found once a person became a freshman.  As a kid, I assumed my experience would be on the same lines of Saved By the Bell and Beverly Hills, 90210.

It was anything but.

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