My Date With Barry Manilow (And 17,000 Other People)

Happy Independence Day, my fellow Americans!

As I previously mentioned, I made my way out to the Hollywood Bowl for the 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular last night with special guest performer Barry Manilow.

Ok, so technically not on the 4th, but it was still a great time and definitely had me feeling patriotic.  And a little starstruck.

Almost immediately after I sat down in the garden box to enjoy some barbecue and wine, I looked up and saw a familiar face in the premier seating area in front of the stage.

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The Wonderland Registry (June 2012)

It’s officially summertime in the Northern Hemisphere.  The June gloom clouds have finally parted to unveil beautiful, clear blue skies.  The nights are warmer and heavy blankets are no longer needed to keep you comfortable.  Songs of surfing and summer romance begin to pop up on the radio.  It’s a great time of year to get outside, enjoy some barbecue cookouts, and soak up some sun.  Provided you are wearing SPF of course.

It’s also time for the June edition of the Wonderland Registry.  So without further ado…

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