Just Keep Running

Photo credit: runningquotes.net

Photo credit: runningquotes.net

In my ongoing quest to keep my New Year’s resolution, I ran my second 5K of the year yesterday.  Unlike the first when I ran on a sunny morning along the coast, yesterday’s race was in an athletic field on a gloomy, foggy day.  The moisture hung thick in the air and I struggled to keep warm before the race began.

I was surrounded by soccer moms and dads and the kids whose league benefited from the event.  I didn’t know a soul and everywhere I looked, people were gathered together like little cliques on the playground.  While they chatted away, I made sure my playlist was ready to go with the new songs I had downloaded the night before.

There was something different in the air and I felt a determination that I hadn’t felt at January’s 5K.  I was going to run this one all the way through.

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