The Labels We Give, The Labels We Receive

What a week America has had!

First, the bombing of the Boston Marathon, then the fertilizer plant explosion in Texas, and finally the death of one Boston Bomber suspect and the arrest of another.  As someone with many family members in the Boston area, including Watertown—some a quarter of a mile from the action—where the suspect was finally captured, I am incredibly relieved to know that the only thing that happened to my family was the fear that ran through their minds as their hometown was put under lockdown.  Thank you Watertown Police and all those involved who ensured a swift arrest with no civilian casualties.

Now that the manhunt is over, the fact-finding mission begins.  With news coverage almost exclusively broadcasting every minute detail into the life of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, many labels have been attributed to the young man who remains in critical condition.

Boston Bomber

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Unromantically Yours

Last night, I met up with a friend for what is becoming our quarterly check-in into the other’s life.  With busy schedules, meeting up for drinks a few times a year is about all we have time for and sometimes we even have a hard time penciling that in.  Tucking into one of our favorite local bars, we ordered pints and settled into a table for two with house-made potato chips and the delightful charm and camaraderie that only an Irish pub can offer.

As it turns out, the past few months have been great for the both of us.  We happily chatted about our jobs, our hobbies, and then got down to the exceptionally good stuff: our relationships.  Toasting to our good fortune and thrilled that karma seems to have finally found us, we began to gush about our significant others in ways that seemed very adult for two people who quite recently had been wondering why we seemed to be the only two singles left on the planet.  We talked about how we journeyed into coupledom and where we saw things going.  Then he said something that completely took me by surprise.

“I think she could be The One.  I really do.”

The One.

Other Half

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