Home Sweet Home

That’s right, Wonderlings. I have finally checked off #1 on my 30-Before-30 list and I am the proud owner of a ginormous townhouse. As you may remember, the road to real estate bliss was paved with multiple disappointments.  I walked away from a home, I lost out on a home, and I moved in with my mother while I waited for the The One.  Despite the emotional roller coaster that real estate can become, I never lost hope that I would eventually have a place to call my own.

And boy do I!

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Going Backward To Go Forward

One minute everything is going perfectly and the next, a bump in the road leads you down a path you’ve already seen before.  No one is immune to a setback.  I foolishly believed that I could never go back and here I am, about to do something that I never imagined I would have to do.

Remember a few months ago when I was really, really scared about something?  Well, I’m ready to tell you what that is, dear Wonderlings.  Be warned, there is no ending to this story.  Not yet at least.

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