A Change In Plans, Not In Goals

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After last year’s successful resolution of running a 5K event every month, I decided to up the ante and double the distance.  It was my last-ditch effort to feel like a real runner.  I signed up for a 10K the weekend before my 30th birthday and was determined to get my ass back in shape and get ‘er done.  My last running event was December 21st and come January, I was determined to start training for my next event.  And I did!

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Scheduled To Relax

Humans as a whole are far too willing to work themselves to death.  We over-schedule, over-analyze, and over-commit to life’s flurry of events and obligations.  It’s natural for use to want to be everywhere and do everything, but when do we really focus on ourselves and enjoy a day of peace and quiet?

As I have mentioned, I have been working some Saturdays lately.  Luckily, I didn’t have to go into the office yesterday, but I had a 5K first thing in the morning so sleeping in was out of the question.  Though it was my decision to run a 5K every month, I really wanted to just stay in bed rather than drive 20 minutes to the event and spend time out of breath and sweating my brains out. But I did it. Continue reading

Just Keep Running

Photo credit: runningquotes.net

Photo credit: runningquotes.net

In my ongoing quest to keep my New Year’s resolution, I ran my second 5K of the year yesterday.  Unlike the first when I ran on a sunny morning along the coast, yesterday’s race was in an athletic field on a gloomy, foggy day.  The moisture hung thick in the air and I struggled to keep warm before the race began.

I was surrounded by soccer moms and dads and the kids whose league benefited from the event.  I didn’t know a soul and everywhere I looked, people were gathered together like little cliques on the playground.  While they chatted away, I made sure my playlist was ready to go with the new songs I had downloaded the night before.

There was something different in the air and I felt a determination that I hadn’t felt at January’s 5K.  I was going to run this one all the way through.

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Fear Is Everywhere

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Fear exists in all of us.  Every day, we are confronted with a dozen things that scare us.  Maybe it’s the spider scurrying across the floor or the darkened room after the light has faded or the rejection if a first move is made on a date.  There is a lot in this world that is utterly terrifying, but let me tell you a little secret, fear is a learned behavior.

That’s right, we learn to be afraid.

There are only two natural fears: the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises.  It’s true.  I forget where I learned this little tidbit, but I do remember raising my hand to answer the question about a natural fear in a school assembly when I was a prepubescent girl.  Don’t believe me?  You can test it out on any infant.  When a baby thinks it’s falling, it will grasp for something to hold onto.  When there is a sudden, loud noise, a baby will jump.  Babies aren’t afraid of fire or small spaces or animals.  The only thing that has been inherently passed down through generation and generation is fear of falling.

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