A Side Of Swiss: Part 1

We left the AmaCello and departed for Switzerland.  We were supposed to arrive in Basel, but due to a broken river lock, the AmaCello was forced to return to our last port of Breisach (where we toured the Black Forest).  It was bittersweet to say farewell to most of our fellow passengers as only about a third of us were continuing the journey to the land of cheese and chocolate.

Even the fountains were cold.

Even the fountains were cold.

Since we were due to begin the land extension in Basel, we traveled by bus to the cosmopolitan city.  The first thing we noticed about our first Swiss town was how cold it was.  By far, this was the chilliest of all the places we visited and it was hard to admire the medieval character of this Swiss banking center.

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Fun And Fancy Free

On our last cruising day, we were treated to a traditional German beer service (sorry, I can’t seem to remember the appropriate name) complete with sausages, potato salad, and pretzels. It was one of our last opportunities to get together with the fun people we met from all over America and enjoy a relaxing voyage on our final day of the river portion of our journey.

German Beer

The food was incredibly yummy and the beer was nice and cold contrary to popular belief about the Germans only drinking beverages at room temperature. I didn’t find this to be true the entire time I was in Deutschland, but I mainly stuck to the glühwein which warmed me from the inside out.

When we docked full of German deliciousness, we had the choice of two excursions to Germany’s historic Black Forest. We could either venture into the town of Freiburg or tour a cuckoo clock factory. We were set on the cuckoo clock factory until several discussions with other passengers convinced us that Freiburg was the more exciting of the two tours. According to our Cruise Director, the other was a bit of a “snooze” and most passengers were a little disappointed by it. I guess if you’ve seen one cuckoo clock, you’ve seen them all.

Needless to say, we hopped the bus to Freiburg.

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Strasbourg: The Fantasyland Of Europe

After our many stops in Germany, the AmaCello finally arrived in France.  I had never heard of the town of Strasbourg prior to it being on our river cruise itinerary so I didn’t know what to expect.  Having previously been to Paris, I guess I was expecting something a little more metropolitan, but I was delighted with the picturesque qualities of the town.

And it all started with the swans.

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